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My way to you has been selected for the All Author April cover contest.
Designer Taria Reed created a beautiful depiction of main characters Simon Young and Regina Kent, who want to shut out an intolerant world and love each other.

Mis Quince Años (7)


Simon is a brilliant attorney and sexy ladies’ man who enjoys practicing the law and a string of consensual casual relationships.  When he meets his best friend Marcus’s baby sister, Regina, he is immediately drawn. Determined to have her for one night, he quickly becomes enraptured by her wit and charm. He decides to keep her in his life, risking limb if Marcus finds out.

Regina is a smart and saavy pro-Black blogger. Her attraction to her brother’s old college roommate, Simon is almost immediate. He was supposed to be a nice fling after a dry spell, but she soon settles into a relationship and Simon into her heart. She takes a chance on him and angering her followers for dating an Asian man.

Can Simon and Regina keep the world from tearing them apart?

Mis Quince Años (3)

Thanks for voting!

1-Reluctant Alpha, The - Lyndell Williams bwwm 1-Second Chance - Lyndell Williams


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