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Hey, readers! I’m so excited to share a little of my latest, steamy book, Queen of the Castle. It’s a sensual interracial romance that tests the limits of love and desire.  Check out the blurb, then get ready for a taste of 🔥heat🔥!

Queen of the Castle by [Lyndell Williams, FoolProof Editing]Queen of the Castle
$0.99, 112pp, Kindle
Genre: BWWM Romance


Tarika is happy living single. She loves her home—her castle—and is not looking for some man to try and take over everything she has built. When her best friend, Hafsah throws Aqil her way, Tarika makes it clear that she is not interested in the shy man, who barely speaks to her. When she needs his help after an accident, she allows Aqil and his daughter into her life, making it difficult to resist his sexy gray eyes and sultry smile. The more time she spends with him, the harder it is to keep her distance. Continue reading “#MFRWHooks, Hot New Romance, Queen of the Castle”

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The Outdoors: My Writing Inspiration

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Guest Post
By Gayle M. Irwin

I whipped the vehicle to the side of the road, put it into “park” and jammed on the emergency brake. I jumped out and joined about 50 other people along the bank of the Madison River inside Yellowstone National Park. We watched a pair of trumpeter swans gliding gracefully through the ripples of water with six cygnets. Although I had seen swans before, rarely had I encountered so many babies with their parents. I’ve not experienced such a sight since.

I relish open spaces, like those found in Yellowstone. Public lands, from parks and forests to wildlife refuges and national monuments, provide sacred spaces to still one’s soul, open one’s heart, and inspire creativity in one’s mind. I am fortunate to live near such special places, and each visit produces a piece of writing or two from the experience.

Other landscapes can stir the imagination, too, such as community parks, botanical gardens, and picturesque farms. Nature’s sights, sounds, and smells open the book of our senses and provide opportunities for creativity to flow.

Two other special outdoor spaces spark creativity for me. One is a ranch located 75 miles from my home, owned by some friends. About three times a year I travel and stay there for an extended period of time. The sage and grass-covered hills, rolling Powder River, and the distant Bighorn Mountains provide solace, and livestock and wildlife encounters bring smiles. Crimson sunrises greet me, and golden sunsets beckon sleep. The quiet relaxes me, and my friends’ generosity brings me joy. The modular guesthouse at which I stay possesses large windows from which one gazes upon the nearby fields and woods. White-tailed deer, fanned-out turkeys, and dancing sandhill cranes abound. I’ve composed many articles, short stories, and book chapters at this scenic and tranquil place. Continue reading “The Outdoors: My Writing Inspiration”

Bookteaser – Rash and Rationality by Ellen Mint

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Hello! I’m please to share with you an excerpt from Rash & Rationality, a modern gender-swapped take Sense & Sensibility.

In this scene, Marty Dashwood’s been helping Brandy paint her living room. Hijinks ensue, just-friendships are threatened.

Rash and Rationality (Happily Ever Austen Book 2) by [Ellen Mint]Rash and Rationality
By Ellen Mint
$ 4.99, 192pp, Kindle
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Hello! I’m please to share with you an excerpt from Rash & Rationality, a modern gender-swapped take Sense & Sensibility.

In this scene, Marty Dashwood’s been helping Brandy paint her living room. Hijinks ensue, just-friendships are threatened. Continue reading “Bookteaser – Rash and Rationality by Ellen Mint”

Story Length- Does Size Matter?

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Have you ever written a piece that became a form, or even a genre, you hadn't planned on writing in? Or do you choose a form/genre in advance?

“Make the story as long as it needs to be.” The words from my writing coach echoed in my mind when I began my journey writing romance and continues to help me with each story as it evolves.

Storytelling is an art form that requires writers to let the tale unfold the way it needs to. Resisting can influence the quality of the final execution. I have been in situations where I tried to pound a story to fit into specific word counts, mainly based on my own capricious standards or a publisher’s guidelines. The story almost always pushed back, leaving me to streamline and coax it into the required length. Sometimes it worked–but not always.

Continue reading “Story Length- Does Size Matter?”

The Tropes I Hate and Why I Hate Them

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Guest Post
By J. Arlene Culiner

Many years ago (in 2001), I had my first romance, Felicity’s Power, published in Australia by the long-defunct Power of Love Publishing. In her call for submissions, the publisher, Jenny Millea stated: “No worn-out tropes and no Secret Babies.” When I saw that, I said: “Hey, that’s the publisher for me.”

As Jenny said, “we have reliable birth control these days. There is no excuse for an accidental pregnancy with someone you hardly know.” She’s right. And I think there are exceedingly few men who would be thrilled to bits if they suddenly discovered they had an unplanned son or daughter somewhere in the world. Equally annoying, are stories in which, although the heroine and hero barely know each other, she discovers she is pregnant. After that, their budding relationship is entirely built around the future baby. Will they stay together when the going gets rough? I doubt it: they hardly know each other.

Another trope I dislike is The Deep Misunderstanding. I just wish the two people who are so attracted to each other would start communicating instead of sulking in corners for a hundred pages or more.

As a writer of romance, I like to portray real-life situations with real people. My heroes and heroines need to have activities they can share, ideas that coincide, and realistic goals. They have to be interested in getting to know each other, and we have to be able to believe that their love will last — not because they have a wild and woolly sex life in very strange combinations — but because they are appealing people, and they know how to give. Continue reading “The Tropes I Hate and Why I Hate Them”

Authors Playing in Characters’ Closets

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How do you decide how to dress your characters?

The characters in my romances drive the plot. Besides unfolding how a couple falls or stays in love, I like to portray them doing it while holding down jobs or running businesses. While they may not be flat broke, they still have to get up and put in the work, and their clothes reflect their ambitious and entrepreneurial lifestyles.

Readers want impactful characters that make them laugh, cry, yell and swoon. The clothes they wear when doing one or more of those things can deepen the connection as readers turn the page. In Sweet Love, Bitter Fruit, I wanted the clothes Marcus and Toni wore to reflect their complex lives. Continue reading “Authors Playing in Characters’ Closets”

#bookreview – Requiem By Taveyah LaShay

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REQUIEM: BOOK 1: ORIGINS by [Taveyah LaShay]Requiem
Taveyah LaShay
$4.98, 187pp, Kindle
Genre: Suspense


The world can be a cruel place, full of people out only for themselves. In Requiem, Taveyah LaShay treats readers to a cast of callous characters focused on keeping secrets and getting their ways, which sends them crashing into each other.

At the center of the story is Paul, a rich albino Black man passing for White. He is selfish and manipulative, keeping his wife Sandra and mistress/secretary Madisin on their toes. When he is faced with losing one of them and a medical crisis, he begins to make some irrational decisions that endanger the people he loves. Continue reading “#bookreview – Requiem By Taveyah LaShay”

How Author Dee S. Knight Finds Inspiration

Book Blog Promos (2)Guest Post
By Dee S. Knight

Every writer gets inspiration from somewhere, a muse that shouts (or whispers) in their ear, asking for a book. Often, I find mine in songs or from a phrase in a conversation.

I wrote the paranormal, erotic romance, The Man of Her Dreams (soon-to-be republished), based on a song I heard while out driving. The song was Wish You Were Here. It was about a man who had gone away for business and sent his wife a postcard talking about how beautiful the place was. He ended with “Wish you were here!” He died on the way home, and she received the card after his death. In The Man of Her Dreams, the heroine receives a strange card from her husband and then he dies on the way home. Her card ends in mystery and intrigue. I am enjoying re-reading this book as I update it for a publication this summer!

Burning Bridges by [Anne Krist]As Anne Krist, I wrote Burning Bridges based on a news report of a mailman who wanted to take the afternoon off, so he went home, shoved his mailbag in the shed in his backyard, and left it there. Decades later, his family was cleaning out the shed and returned the bags to the post office, who then attempted to deliver the mail. In Burning Bridges, I had three lost letters delivered to the heroine, Sara Richards. The letters were from a sailor who had left for the Vietnam War after declaring his love…and she never heard from him again. Until that day. Trouble is, the letters were numbered, and the three she receives were not the first he wrote. What happened to the others? That’s a question that reveals years of lies and betrayal, that Sara has to find a way through. Continue reading “How Author Dee S. Knight Finds Inspiration”

#Newrelease – Rainbow Sprinkles by D.V. Stone


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Rainbow Sprinkles (One Scoop or Two) by [D. V. Stone]Rainbow Sprinkles
By D.V. Stone
$1.99, 63 pp, Kindle
Genre: sweet, contemporary romance

Retired and widowed Gloriana Jones is forging on with the plans she and her late husband dreamed of—bringing joy and happiness, one ice cream cone at a time, to Lake Unami. But bad weather is drowning her dream. A trip to Upstate NY is bittersweet for Nathan James. He is excited to see his first granddaughter but without his wife he’s lonely. When his car breaks down, he heads to the only light he can see, an ice cream shop. With aid from a heavenly source, electricity sparks, but will the two weather the summer storms and find love a second time? Or will their hopes and dreams melt away?


Continue reading “#Newrelease – Rainbow Sprinkles by D.V. Stone”

Gelato Surprise – A Steamy Older Woman-Younger Man Beach Romance

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Gelato Surprise (One Scoop or Two) by [Sadira Stone]Gelato Surprise
By Sadira Stone
$3.98, 114 pp, Kindle
Genre: Contemporary Romance


She came to the beach to find herself—and found him.

Forty-two-year-old divorcée Danielle Peters ends up alone on her family’s annual beach vacation. Maybe time to herself is exactly what she needs. That and gelato from her favorite ice cream shop. But when the owner’s intoxicating young nephew offers more than sweet treats, she’s tempted to indulge in a hot summer fling before returning home.

Thirty-one-year-old Matteo Verducci craved a fresh start to mend his broken heart, and he’s found almost perfection in Ocean View, where he scoops gelato by day and crafts furniture by night. But when a sexy older woman stops to sample his wares—Mamma mia! He only has two weeks to convince her their passion is more than a delicious surprise.

BibL7I4w Continue reading “Gelato Surprise – A Steamy Older Woman-Younger Man Beach Romance”

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