Blog Radio Interview-Building on Broken Dreams

Hey, romance addicts. Sapphire JBlue and I had a terrific conversation about the romantic suspense, Building on Broken Dreams. I had a fabulous time on Sapphire’s blog radio show, talking about Adam and Maryam’s powerful story or love, faith and endurance.

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Major Points

• Finding love after trauma
• Dysfunctional love
• Interracial Relationships

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Brothers in Law Series #Book #Sale

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Looking for the Silver Lining

Hey, romance addicts. Let’s welcome author Anne Krist (Dee S. Knight) to the Layla Writes Love blog. Anne writes about the need that more attention be paid to the brighter side of life, so the darkness doesn’t overwhelm us. She is also giving readers a special treat, an excerpt from her book Burning Bridges.

By Anne Krist

While watching The History Channel a while ago, I saw a program on Leonardo da Vinci. I really only started watching because the location featured Florence, one of my favorite places, but I soon was caught up in Leonardo’s early life and his handicaps.

The man we consider one of the greatest of his time—maybe one of the greatest men of all time—was illegitimate. Today that doesn’t seem all that horrible, but in the 15th century, illegitimacy limited what one could do in life. Joining a professional guild was the way to change your position in society, and many guilds were closed to bastards. He had no formal education; everything he did came from his own observation and self -education. 

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First Kiss Passion

I love writing a variety of steamy scenes, where readers can connect with the arousing and complicated sensual encounters of my characters. Out of the range of hotness, the moment of a couple’s first kiss offers some serious titillation.

In the suspense romance, Building on Broken Dreams, Adam and Maryam refrain from touching each other until after they are married. By the time their wedding ceremony is over, each of them are pretty ready to get busy. In the excerpt below, we see them heated and poised to finally have their first kiss.


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LWL #Interview – Anna M. Taylor

Hey, romance addicts! I am excited to have author Anna M. Taylor on my blog this week. Anna is a gothic romance and women’s fiction writer. She is a retired United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Church USA minister and has been writing seriously since joining Romance Writers of America in 2003.

Anna’s first published work appeared in 2008 under her inspirational romance pen name, Anna Taylor. She published her first erotic romance in 2016 with The Wild Rose Press as Michal Scott.

Anna shares her experience and motivation as an author, common pitfalls writers fall into and her favorite trope.

What are common traps for aspiring writers?
Comparing themselves to other authors. Our journeys are unique and therefore we should focus our energies on what we are bringing to the literary world’s table, not what’s already there that we wished we had brought first.

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From Traditional to Self-Published Author

Guest Post

Hey, romance addicts. Let’s welcome author Brenda Whiteside to the Layla Writes Love blog. I am thrilled that Brenda is sharing her experience with transitioning from traditional to self-publishing.

My first contract offer landed in my email inbox in 2009. I jumped around the house like my pants were on fire. Seeing an offer, the thrill of putting your creation out for others to enjoy never gets old. I stuck with my publisher for eleven years.

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#MFRWSteam-Hot Lunch, Romance Sneak Peek

Mis Quince Años (33)

Hey, romance addicts! I wrote a short story about the main characters of my soon-to-be-released novel, Building on Broken Dreams. Book three in the Brothers in Law series, this steamy romance features couple Adam Kane and Maryam Avery.

Below is and excerpt from the short story “My Heart’s Tranquility,” featured in Shades of BWWM by Love Journey books.

Enjoy! and be on the lookout for Building on Broken Dreams

Adult Content Ahead!

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Living Single and Letting in Love and Romance

I recently join Sapphire J. Blue on her podcast about the steamy romance, Open to Love. We talked about the main character Tarika’s determination to live a single life, not letting man into her home or heart. As far as she is concerned, everything is copacetic, then along comes Aqil.

Aqil has quite a bit on his plate. He looks out for the health and happiness of his young daughter, Daliah, which means making sure his ex-wife, Vanessa doesn’t go flying off the rails as she struggles with bi-polar disorder. When he meets Tarika, he works hard to break her shell, but she proves to be a hard one to crack.

Click below to listen to our awesome conversation!

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The Halal Nympho-One Man’s Problem, Another’s Solution

Halal Nympho: One man's issue is another man's solution by [Nasheed JaXson]

The Halal Nympho
By Nasheed Jaxson
$2.99, 19pp, Kindle
Erotica Short


Careful what you ask for. Before Amir was married, he prayed for someone who would give him sex whenever he wanted it.

Crystal, the woman he married, is an undercover nympho who gives him all the sex he wants and a lot more. Now, his marriage is in trouble because of all the sex and there’s one guy from Crystal’s past who’s happy about it.

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Writing Advice From Romance Author Kayelle Allen

Guest Post
By Kayelle Allen

Thanks for letting me come and share my writing journey with your readers, Lyndell.

As I thought about what to share and what advice I might offer, I wondered how my life would be different if someone had offered me the advice I was thinking about. Then I thought, if I could go back in time and give myself this advice, would I even listen?

Probably not. I was headstrong and thought I knew what I was doing. But if I’d listen, this is the advice I’d offer my younger self.

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Dee S. Knight on Elections

Guest Post
By D.S. Knight


While looking through past blog posts the other day, I found this one from 2008, talking about the Obama-McCain race. So much emotion. So much yelling. So many accusations. I loved it all!

But then I came back to what’s happening now. I’ve voted in a lot of elections and I don’t remember any of them being as hard as this one. I was happy to read this post, and hope for an outcome we can all live with. Elections aren’t designed for everyone to be happy (when will that ever happen?) but for the country to succeed. Fingers crossed!

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The Outdoors: My Writing Inspiration

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Guest Post
By Gayle M. Irwin

I whipped the vehicle to the side of the road, put it into “park” and jammed on the emergency brake. I jumped out and joined about 50 other people along the bank of the Madison River inside Yellowstone National Park. We watched a pair of trumpeter swans gliding gracefully through the ripples of water with six cygnets. Although I had seen swans before, rarely had I encountered so many babies with their parents. I’ve not experienced such a sight since.

I relish open spaces, like those found in Yellowstone. Public lands, from parks and forests to wildlife refuges and national monuments, provide sacred spaces to still one’s soul, open one’s heart, and inspire creativity in one’s mind. I am fortunate to live near such special places, and each visit produces a piece of writing or two from the experience.

Other landscapes can stir the imagination, too, such as community parks, botanical gardens, and picturesque farms. Nature’s sights, sounds, and smells open the book of our senses and provide opportunities for creativity to flow.

Two other special outdoor spaces spark creativity for me. One is a ranch located 75 miles from my home, owned by some friends. About three times a year I travel and stay there for an extended period of time. The sage and grass-covered hills, rolling Powder River, and the distant Bighorn Mountains provide solace, and livestock and wildlife encounters bring smiles. Crimson sunrises greet me, and golden sunsets beckon sleep. The quiet relaxes me, and my friends’ generosity brings me joy. The modular guesthouse at which I stay possesses large windows from which one gazes upon the nearby fields and woods. White-tailed deer, fanned-out turkeys, and dancing sandhill cranes abound. I’ve composed many articles, short stories, and book chapters at this scenic and tranquil place. Continue reading “The Outdoors: My Writing Inspiration”

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