After multiple failed in vitro attempts, Toni Kent is ready to try again, but her husband Marcus is done. He doesn’t want another headache or more heartache. Will a baby-making impasse tear this dream couple apart?

Marcus Kent

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Lawyer Marcus Kent is a natural leader. His community, family, and wife, Toni depend on him to make the right decisions, which he is more than confident about doing. His friends Simon, Quinn, Faisal, Adam and Brandon look to him as the leader of their brotherhood. His advice to them is usually sound, and he is at the front of the charge when it is time for them to battle. He is dependable, loyal, and adept at organizing his life—until everything goes crazy.

Personal and professional demands start weighing on him. He just can’t cut a break. Toni’s incessant desire for a baby is driving a wedge between them and his new intern is keen on letting him know that she is available for him whenever he is ready. All of the pressure forces him to make choices that jeopardize everything.

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Mis Quince Años (20)

Toni Kent

69318724_402388927079208_2437792062473502720_nToni Kent not only built a thriving downtown psychology practice, but she also gets to head uptown to enjoy life with her hot, younger husband, Marcus—who is about her all day, every day. Clients and husband find comfort in her expertise and soothing, reassuring style and approaches. She is her family’s rock and her best friend/sister-in-law Regina’s touchstone. She is there for everybody mentally and emotionally—until she can’t be.

When inner turmoil and longing rips through her, finding someone for her to lean on is hard, and the loneliness becomes unbearable. Tired of explaining and defending her feelings, she’s ready to shut the world out and do whatever she wants—even if it may cost her a loving marriage.

Mis Quince Años (21)

60906175_333160517394902_3898452423424868352_nIn Vitro

A Sweet Love – Bitter Fruit Prelude Short Story

I wanted to give my readers a chance to see why the impasse that Marcus and Toni reach is so strong. In this short story, they venture into their second try to have a baby.

The first one left them heartbroken and Toni an emotional wreck, so Marcus is hesitant about doing another one, but his deep love for her makes it hard to say no.

Toni is just as anxious as Marcus, but her urge to be a mother makes her determined to forge ahead with her loving husband by her side.

Will they have success the second time around, or will a worse agony come their way?

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Cover Reveal Recap

Facebook Live MockupsDid you miss the incredible Sweet Love – Bitter Fruit Facebook cover reveal event? Check out the recap!

Sometimes, awesomeness prevails no matter what life throws your way.  I am so happy that the cover reveal for the soon-to-be-released novel, Sweet Love-Bitter Fruit [Brothers in Law Book 2] went so well despite some hectic stuff thrown my way.

I had planned ahead and arranged for some fantastic posts and lives with authors and reviewers. Unfortunately, Papa Bear and his cubs had their demands for me, and I found myself rushing around Long Island while authors and readers had a blast with the event. I made sure to let everyone know early in the day about what my beloved husband sprung on me.

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