#bookreview – Requiem By Taveyah LaShay

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REQUIEM: BOOK 1: ORIGINS by [Taveyah LaShay]Requiem
Taveyah LaShay
$4.98, 187pp, Kindle
Genre: Suspense


The world can be a cruel place, full of people out only for themselves. In Requiem, Taveyah LaShay treats readers to a cast of callous characters focused on keeping secrets and getting their ways, which sends them crashing into each other.

At the center of the story is Paul, a rich albino Black man passing for White. He is selfish and manipulative, keeping his wife Sandra and mistress/secretary Madisin on their toes. When he is faced with losing one of them and a medical crisis, he begins to make some irrational decisions that endanger the people he loves. Continue reading “#bookreview – Requiem By Taveyah LaShay”

#BookReview – Erotic Office By L.W. Boudreaux

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Erotcia Office by [L.W. Boudreaux]Review by Lyndell Williams
By L.W. Boudreaux
$0.99, pp 35, Kindle

We all have those reading moments when we want to cut to the chase. In erotica, that often means reaching sex scenes as soon as possible. No fuss, no muss. Well, maybe a little muss. After all, if an author doesn’t heat things up fast, it is not erotica. In Erotica Office, L.W. Bordeaux sets up main characters Niki and Tyler so they get busy pretty fast. Not lighting speed because Niki had to first hating Tyler’s guts.

To Nikki, her handsome new boss comes off as a condescending jerk, rightfully so. It’s amazing that she gets … thrilled at all. He spent the initial few minutes of their conversation letting her know what he found wrong with her. Grown … behind women would peep his dump session for what it was, a playa move to make her self-conscious and easy to manipulate. They would call him out on his bull and send him on his merry way. Continue reading “#BookReview – Erotic Office By L.W. Boudreaux”

#BOOKREVIEW -Hurricanes and Butterflies By N Gray

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Butterflies and Hurricanes (Blaire Thorne Book 3) by [N Gray]Review by Lyndell Williams
By N. Gray
$2.99, pp 223, Kindle

So, there are two paranormal hunks fighting over you. What is a girl in the middle of a supernatural world to do? Well, if you are Blaire Oona Thorne, nothing much. There is no time to start digging on either one of them too hard with everything else happening.  In Butterflies and Hurricanes by N. Gray, the main character Blair has a laundry list of things to do.  Let’s see, she must:

  1. Regain her memory;
  2. Find her daughter;
  3. Figure out why she keeps shifting into a bevy of beasts;
  4. Track down and kill the monster who slaughtered her mother, and
  5. Discover who is poisoning the local monsters, shifters and such in Chicago and her hometown, Sterling Meadow.

Continue reading “#BOOKREVIEW -Hurricanes and Butterflies By N Gray”

#BOOKREVIEW – Kept by Tracey Lampley

Kept (Kate Mercer Book 1) by [Tracey Lampley]KEPT
By Tracy Lampley
$1.99, 83 pp, Kindle

Ah, frenemies. You can’t live with them. You can’t shove them over the side of your luxury apartment balcony. In Kept, Kate is quite busy juggling some love/hate relationships with her best friends CC and Wendy. The trio club and man hop, having each others’ backs, the best places for them to stab their beloved besties.

I mean, they do love one another, when they’re not downing drinks and passing shade. Kate has to sift through all that and some convoluted secrets her pals are keeping from her.

On top of all of that, our girl Kate is conflicted as to what she should do about her sugar daddy, Carrington aka Cary. With a gambling mother and heaps of bills, his dough comes in quite handy, but life as his sidepiece has worn out its novelty.

She was beginning to loath him [Carrington] and his demanding ways. How had she allowed herself to be kept? — Kept

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#BOOK REVIEW: Heart of a Warrior Angel

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Heart of a Warrior Angel: From Darkness to Light by [Love, Lali A.]Review by Layla Abdullah-Poulos
By Lali A. Love
$14.99, 238 pp, paper
$2.99, 183 pp, Kindle

We all have aspects of our family about which we may think, yeah that’s one reason why I’m messed up. In Heart of a Warrior Angel, the main character, Lilac Noble has that in spades. Not only is her father off his rocker, but he also dumps heaps of dysfunction and abuse on his wife Mira and daughters—hold on, let me look up their names because there are a lot of them—Lilac, Jasmine, Violet and Rose. He is quite the busy violent sociopath, and the Noble women spend the entire book either subjected to, trying to escape or healing from his mistreatment.

Mis Quince Años (24)

Continue reading “#BOOK REVIEW: Heart of a Warrior Angel”

#BOOK REVIEW: Marriage of Time

Review by Lyndell Williams
By Mariah Stone
$12.99, 194 pp, paper
$3.99, 196 pp, Kindle

What is a pregnant woman to do when cornered by her mafioso ex? Why she gets some help from a magic-packed old lady with the ability to catapult her through time.  In Marriage of Time by Mariah Stone, the main character Mia is smart, beautiful and very fertile. She had finally escaped her abusive Goodfella boyfriend Dan only to find herself knocked up. She tries to keep him from learning about the little bundle of joy, but we all know that never works out. Continue reading “#BOOK REVIEW: Marriage of Time”

#BOOK REVIEW: Winter’s Beast

Review by Lyndell Williams
By Twyla Turner
$9.99, 252 pp, paper
$3.99, 254 pp, Kindle (Free, KU)

Love and loyalty frequently clash in life and lead to a big ole mess of emotions. It is the same in the world of romance fiction. People are often conflicted between staying true to one person or following their love, desire, or lust for another.

In Winter’s Beast by Twyla Turner, the main character, Yury, a disfigured henchman for  Ivan, has to watch as his boss/savior sexually torments singer Winter. Ivan, obsessed with Winter’s beautiful voice and albino body, holds her captive and grooms her to become his sex slave and feature in his erotic club. This guy is all kinds of diabolical.

No, I’m not turned on. You are!

Winter initially resists Ivan, but he uses her sexual insecurities and inexperience to groom her into submission. While Ivan is preying on Winter, Yury tries to make life in captivity bearable while he falls in love with the beauty.

The world of kink simultaneously disgusts and enchants Winter, whose sensual history is dotted with sporadic moments of unfulfilling sex. She despises Ivan, but her body responds to his sexual abuse in a way that leaves her confused and titillated.

Yup, homeboy got her all kinds of messed up in the head. Continue reading “#BOOK REVIEW: Winter’s Beast”

Book Review: That Kind of Guy by Talia Hibbert

That Kind of Guy (Ravenswood Book 3) by [Hibbert, Talia]Review by Lyndell Williams
By Talia Hibbert
$12.99, 272 pp, paper
$3.03, 238 pp, Kindle

We all knew it would be like this. I was all excited last week about interviewing romance author Talia Hibbert. So, of course, this week I’m ready to review her new novel That Kind of Guy [Ravenswood Book 3]—Duh.

Okay, so, what do you do when you’re a forty-year-old introvert recently out of a marriage with emotional and physical scars? Why you splurge using that big fat settlement you got—and deservedly so because homeboy was a jackass of the ultimate kind.

You also settle back in your cozy little hometown and do a little of that musing about life and stuff.  Oh, yeah, you also hit one your hot younger friend and make…stuff all kinds of awkward.

That’s how Hibbert sets up some marvelous sexual tension between Rae and Zach. The two are simpatico friend wise, but when it comes to the hot and heavy stuff, they’re a mess.  Rae is feeling all tingly for muscular Zach. I mean, he’s sensitive and fine as hell. Unfortunately for her, the hunky blacksmith—that’s right, blacksmith—is not putting down what she’s picking up.

He’s busy defining and refining his sexuality, which means he has zero time for anybody’s advances. Great for him—bad for Rae. Continue reading “Book Review: That Kind of Guy by Talia Hibbert”

BOOK REVIEW: The Wolf’s Concubine-When a Good Woman Won’t Sit Still

Review by Lyndell Williams
By Erin St. Charles
$3.99, pp 330, Kindle

Imagine, you’re this hot wolf shifter detective taking care of business when you run dead smack into your fated mate. You know, the one person to whom you are intrinsically linked and hot and bothered about on sight.

On top of all of that, she’s smokin’! You immediately want her, but the problem is that she’s not feeling you at the same level. Well, she may be feeling something, but it’s not the whole “sealed to each other forever” thing. What’s a man-wolf to do?

That’s Phelan’s dilemma in Erin St. Charles’s paranormal romance The Wolf’s Concubine. From the time he rescues the damsel in distress, Lola, the wolf-shifter-detective wants her—forever.

***SPOILERS AHEAD***  Now, Let’s do this. Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Wolf’s Concubine-When a Good Woman Won’t Sit Still”

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