#NewRelease – Mission Mr. and Mrs. Lee By Jade Moon

Mis Quince Años (27)


Mission Mr. and Mrs Lee: A Spy and the Scientist Military Romance by [Jade Moon, AMBW Press]New Release
Mission Mr. and Mrs. Lee
By Jade Lee
$2.99, pp 272, Kindle
AMBW Press and Love Journey Books
Available at Amazon


Kuan Lee was a military spy working for the Secret Intelligence Service with a unique skill set. He’d been deployed all over the world and was accustomed to following orders, but these latest instructions were surprising.

The mission: To marry a woman named Dr. Malaya Sterling.

Malaya is a brilliant billionaire scientist and expert in her fields – DNA, pharmaceuticals, and chemical weapons, to name a few. But definitely not a spy… until now.

Mis Quince Años (18)

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