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I’ve mentioned many times that the novel writing process is a long one. Many readers expressed a desire to read short stories from me. So, while I work on getting my latest novel to everyone, I will be crafting and sharing short stories and short stories series for my subscribers.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1-second-chance-lyndell-williams.jpgSecond Chance

Lucas made the biggest mistake of his life. Can he make things right, or is he too late?

When Noura told Lucas that he was going to be a father, he ran for the hills. It wasn’t until later that he realized how much he loved her and how wrong he had been to bail. He wants to get her back, but she isn’t even trying to hear him. 

Noura’s heart broke the day Lucas rejected her and their unborn child. She cried then picked up the pieces to start a new life with her baby. Then Lucas has the nerve to return. 


Noura raised her head, gasped and stopped. Anger surged through her gut at the sight of a pair of twinkling hazel eyes and a boyish grin that used to make her insides melt.

Lucas Stanton sauntered towards her. “Hey, beautiful.” He caste is sultry eyes down and jutted his eyebrows towards his hairline. “Wow,” he rested his hand on her bulbous tummy, “You’ve gotten big.”

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60906175_333160517394902_3898452423424868352_nIn Vitro

Sweet Love-Bitter Fruit Prelude

Toni and Marcus are preparing for their second course of infertility treatments. The first one left them heartbroken and Toni an emotional wreck, but they are willing to try again. Will they have success the second time around, or will a worse agony come their way?


“Kent,” a thin male nurse stepped into the waiting room. “Toni Kent.”

“Here.” Marcus rose, grunting as he lifted Toni’s limp body in his arms. He wanted nothing more than to flush the synthetic chemicals from his Sweetness and bring her home so they could get their life back from all the infertility lunacy. Months of testing, needles, fighting and sickness brought them to this. There was not much more he could take.

The nurse pressed his lips. “Let me get you guys a wheelchair.”

“No.” He held her tighter. “I got her.”

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Something Special final - Lyndell WilliamsSomething Special

African American Muslimah Adeelah Bilal is trying to shake off a past that doesn’t want to let go. As she tries to rebuild her life, she meets a man who ends ups changing it in ways Adeelah never anticipated.

Wade Reid is a burly man with a huge appetite and heart of gold. When the European American Muslim convert meets Adeelah, he senses that there is something special about her and becomes determined to make sure she doesn’t disappear.


The tension in his neck eased when he saw her standing outside—the city darkening around her. The hem of her red skirt whipped around her ankles and shoes; the new scarf flew up in the breeze and brushed her cheek, making an already stunning women look like an ethereal beauty—irresistible to touch. But resist, he must.

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Brothers in Law Full Story Kindle - Lyndell Williams

Brothers in Law 

Meet the six leading men of the Brothers in Law romance series. This short story tells of how the group of men meet and become friends for life.


Marcus opened his mouth but closed it and turned to the faint sounds of grunting and scuffling. “What the—” He peered at the far end of the parking lot. A group of men surrounded another wearing a black leather jacket, jeans and sneakers. Their angry porcelain faces glowed from the light of the street lamp above them. They circled their prey like a pack of buzzards. Clearly, this was no quaint little get-together. They meant to do some damage. Marcus glanced at Simon; the pair stormed towards the scene.

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