Steamy Muslim Novella Open to Love Interview

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Good morning Diverse Romance Readers.

We were able to catch up with author Lyndell Williams and ask her a few questions about her latest release, Open To Love. Enjoy this short interview with the author.

Interview question #1: Describe what your hero and heroine would consider the perfect date night. 

The closest thing to date for Hafsah and Faheem is to meet under the purview of a chaperone. Given the heat between them and the no contact before marriage many Muslims observe, a third party is needed. So, for them, a perfect date for Faheem is one where he can take Hafsah and be alone. It can be in public. A nice restaurant would be great, as long as nobody sitting at the table with them, all caught up in their business. He follows the rules though, grateful when he can snag a friend who will keep their distance to chaperone.

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Interview question #2: What does your hero love about your heroine and what does your heroine love about your hero? 

When he gets a chance, Faheem will open his office door and sit at his desk, waiting and hoping that Hafsah’s laugh will drift in and brighten his day. He fell in love with her quick wit and humor. It helps him shed his seriousness and just have fun.

Hafsah first thought Faheem was all stiff. Then she made him laugh so hard during a working dinner that it filled the board room and shocked their co-workers. He quickly gathered himself and commanded everyone’s attention and respect. She loves how confident and takes charge without being an arrogant jerk about it. He knows when and how to loosen up and gives everyone their dignity.

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LWL Interview: Bestselling Author Talia Hibbert on Writing Her Way to the Top

LWL Author Interview (4)

Hello, readers! I am thrilled to introduce author Talia Hibbert. Talia is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in a bedroom full of books. Supposedly, there is a world beyond that room, but she has yet to drum up enough interest to investigate.

I have reviewed Talia’s books Damaged Goods and That Kind of GuyShe expertly fuses humor and sensuality.  Her book A Girl Like her is book one of her popular Ravenswood series. Check out the blurb.

A Girl Like Her

Available on Amazon

A Girl Like Her: A Small Town Romance (Ravenswood Book 1) by [Hibbert, Talia]She’s the town pariah. He doesn’t give a damn.

In Ruth Kabbah’s world, comic books are king, silence is golden, and human contact is a pesky distraction. She doesn’t like people, which works out just fine, because the people in this small town don’t like her. The exception to that rule? Evan Miller, her way-too-charming next-door neighbor…

Ex-military man Evan is all tattooed muscle on the outside—and a big, cuddly teddy bear beneath. He’s used to coaxing prickly people from their shells, but he’s never met a woman quite like Ruth. Blunt, sarcastic, and secretly sad, she’s his exact opposite. She’s also his deepest desire.

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Audiobooks And The Multifaceted Ways We Convey Words

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Are audiobooks considered reading?

The busy American lifestyle often limits the time one has to pick up a book, which can devastate someone who loves reading. Audiobooks offer a solution, giving people access to amazing (and not so amazing) titles that they can enjoy during their commute while running errands or traveling. Some people suffer from motion sickness if they look down and read. They don’t enjoy the luxury of reading a book when on a long train, plane or car ride. So, audiobooks are a blessing.

I belong to a lot of avid reading groups on Facebook. As I read posts, I often see people defending using audiobooks. While I have encountered no one who would purport that listening to an audiobook is not “real reading,” I suppose the argument must exist, or else there wouldn’t be posts about it. Ironic because the origin of the word read does not involve or restrict the activity to the written word. Yeah, you can not ask a literary critic about a word and things not get geeky.

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A Day in The Life of A Muslim Romance Author

girl-3041379_1920Guest Post by Author Sara Allen

Every morning at around 10 a.m., I sit at my desk and prepare to create, to write those words that spill from my fingers. Some days, the words flow like butter off a hot knife. Other days, it’s like pulling teeth without the anesthetic. I take what I can get.

Compared to other authors, I haven’t been writing for what I would consider a good length of time. Although my desire to be an author was fostered many, many years before, I still pinch myself sometimes when I sit at my desk and realize that what I’m doing is fulfilling a dream. It can be a humbling realization.

One of the most difficult aspects of being an author, a fiction writer whose main content focuses on romance and relationships, was that being Muslim was almost a serious deterrent. I had to understand what the doctrine taught to me since reverting meant in light of my writing. For example, was it okay for me to write erotica, to go in-depth on scenes, where intimacy was central? How would Muslim readers react to the words, expressions and sexual scenes that I was conjuring into existence?

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Author Tools to Keep A Story Together

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Share how you keep your characters, storylines, etc., organized. Do you use an outline? Notecards? Post-its all over your walls?

I am back, everyone. I’ve missed writing for this blog hop, but I was slammed…hard…with a number of illnesses and was laid out for weeks.

Yeah, it took a while, but I am better now and ready to go!

Okay. How I keep track of everything needed to write a cohesive novel, novella or short story. What fun! And how convenient that I recently wrote articles about high and low-tech productivity for the awesome Haute Hijab blog. Below are some tools I use to keep things in check while story writing, even rebellious characters like Quinn Ang and Raad Khouri.

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High-Tech Tools

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The Black Muslim Atlantic, African American Muslims and The Single Story

Original post- NbA Muslims

NbA Muslims Staff

 The Black Muslim Atlantic is a concept coined by the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative co-founder and managing director, Margari Aziza.

The Black Muslim Atlantic draws from Paul Gilroy’s Black Atlantic. Aziza describes the Black Muslim Atlantic as an endeavor of transnationalism through literature, intellectual exchange, visual & performance arts, and travel.

The Black Muslim Atlantic is looking at past connections when Muslims from Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas shared ideas and produced a unique and transcendent culture. We can look at that richness and heritage and glean it happening now on social media, where we are networking, sharing and debating each other. – Margari Aziza

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LWL Interview: Sara Allen on Writing and the Power of Language

A fellow Muslim romance writer? I am here for all of it! I was thrilled to learn about Sara Allen and her extensive work writing in a genre often frowned upon by Muslims, despite the rich history of sensual literature in Islamic culture. She has written seven books, including her latest, Disposable. Check out the blurb.


Available at Amazon

Disposable by [Allen, Sara]When Caryn Blake, a prominent, black litigation expert, walks in on her cheating husband entertaining his latest girlfriend, she goes a little crazy. After everything she’s done for him; giving him the space to live it up, while she makes the moves securing a name for herself and fame for both of them, the betrayal is just too much. However, revenge is bitter-sweet, especially when it’s taken too far.

Caryn decides to take a much-needed break in the most remote state she can find. With nowhere to go and no one to take her. Caryn makes the most of a bad situation, finding friends and a lover she never thought she deserved. Continue reading “LWL Interview: Sara Allen on Writing and the Power of Language”

Muslim Author’s Books Link Faith and Sex

10 % Discount (6)Original Post – About Islam, by Layla Abdullah-Poulos

Conversations about sex and sensuality can be particularly uncomfortable in Muslim cultures.

Although there are immediate connections between the Islamic faith and the sexual gratification of its adherents, many Muslims across the globe find themselves challenged by the idea that their sensual pleasure may be considered Islamic. Consequently, there are few and limited social discussions, written works and modern scholarship on the topic of sex for Muslims.

Islamic historian and erotologist Habeeb Akande writes books to encourage Muslims to reacquaint themselves with the rich tradition of Islamic links between faith and sex. Akande has authored several books on faith and sensuality, including Kunyaza: The Secret to Female Pleasure, A Taste of Honey: Sexuality and Erotology in Islam, Illuminating the Performance: African and Arab Erotology and Illuminating the Difference: Black, White, and Brown Women.

Erotology in Islam

There is a rich tradition of Islamic erotology (the study of sexual behavior) lost to most Muslims in modern society.  During his studies at al-Azhar University, Akande attained access to Islamic scholarship studying sex in the context of faith.

“The origins of Islamic scholarship about eroticism date back to ninth-century Abbasid Baghdad,” explained Akande. “A number of Muslim scholars spent a considerable amount of time studying the nature of sexual desire, eroticism, and the art of lovemaking, both for men and women, within an Islamic context.”

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