CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – BWWM Short Story Collection

Call for Submission

Why Short Stories?

Some readers thrive on short stories, microfiction and flash fiction. They’ve been a staple of literature for centuries.

Short stories also offer authors opportunities to tell a tale that may not be necessarily long or involved enough to fill the pages of a novel.  Writing a short story can also help hone writing skills (sometimes it’s harder to tell a story within a small amount of page space) and share work with readers between the release of novellas and novels.

Love Journey Books is accepting submission for their newest short story collection, Shades of BWWM. BWWM means Black women and White men. Authors can submit stories in a range of genres featuring Black Women and White men love protagonists.

Submission Guidelines

Submission requirements are listed below.

Deadline to submit stories: 7/15/2018
Publication Date: 8/1/2018

Please email story submissions to:

-Buy In: $0 Free
-No royalties
-Themes: BWWM (sub-genre open)
-Word count: 1,000 words or less
-Number of stories: no limit
-Permission to publish must be included with submissions
-Editing: not provided, you must pay for your own
– No pressure, no lawsuits, no drama.
-a cross-genre marketing opportunity for writers
-an opportunity for new writers to get their feet wet.

-The collection will be published by Love Journey Books (publishing co.)
-Love Journey Books will cover all publishing costs.
-All authors retain the rights to their own stories and are welcome to reference other work, contact information, etc.

Please Join the Facebook Group for FAQ’s and Updates.


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