BOOK REVIEW Saved by The Chase-Some Good Deeds Pay Off


Review by Lyndell Williams
By Love Journey
$7.99, pp 134, paper
$0.99, pp 132, Kindle

Some good deeds don’t go unpunished. As a matter of fact, one might get to fulfill one of their wildest dreams. That’s what happened to Monique when she scoops up main character Hyun-Li in Love Journey’s novella Saved by the Chase. The first book in Journey’s AMBW Winter Romance series features a K-pop singer and actor and the brown beauty who helps him.

All Monique wants to do is get home and wait out and impending Midwest winter storm, when she notices a man bleeding in the airport parking lot. Moved, she helps him and ends up having more than a warms winter’s nap.

Hyun-Li is hurt, but he’s not blind to the beauty of the Good Samaritan who saves him from immediate peril. He has to avoid goons sent by an ex who ruined and now wants to take his life while trying to manage the hormones raging through him for Monique.

Love Journey created some interesting characters who keep readers engaged. Both Hyun-Li and Monique are likable, and I hung on and flicked through my Kindle to see how they handled the people chasing Hyun-Li as well as what they did with the sexual tension charging between them.

Although I usually like more description when reading, I understand the challenge of fleshing out a plot for readers in less than 30k words. Journey offers pithy prose that an increasing number of readers require, but she does manage to give her characters some depth and lays out a story that maintains interest in the book as well as the next—which I bought immediately after finishing the first.

I will have to wait until after Ramadan to read book two because the steam Journey included in book one…suffice it to mention that I am glad I read it at night. The chemistry between the characters is titillating. Journey includes racy language with a sophistication that is hard to come across in a lot of erotic texts.  I give the book 4/5 steamy  lips

4 steamy lips

Saved by The Chase provides a casual read with approachable characters. I look forward to reading the next book—after Ramadan!

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