Black-Asian Swirl Presentation


The Black Women-Asian Men (BWAM) movement highlights and encourages interracial relationships and intimacy between members of two social groups suffering from layers of social stigmatization, including notions that they are generally the least desirable inside and outside of their races and ethnicities. As a cultural phenomenon, BWAM involves Black women and Asian men shaking off dating and courtship conventions that isolate them and supporting the exploration of the appeal in each other.

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Promotion of BWAM infuses popular culture, including popular romance. The interracial romance (IR) subgenre contains a blooming compendium of romance novels featuring Black (mainly African American) women and Asian men.

I was thrilled to be able to present some of my research about the growing Black Woman-Asian Man [BWAM] romance fiction subgenre to fellow romance scholars and attendees of the Popular Cultural Association [PCA] national conference. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been able to go to any conferences, so it was great to show people how unique books written by BWAM authors reflect the use of literature to resist stereotypes and create narratives.

I was able to get a sound recording of my presentation, and happy to share it with my readers.


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