Sweet Love Bitter Fruit Cover Reveal Recap

My Way to You (3)Sometimes, awesomeness prevails no matter what life throws your way.  I am so happy that the cover reveal for the soon-to-be-released novel, Sweet Love-Bitter Fruit [Brothers in Law Book 2] went so well despite some hectic stuff thrown my way.

I had planned ahead and arranged for some fantastic posts and lives with authors and reviewers. Unfortunately, Papa Bear and his cubs had their demands for me, and I found myself rushing around Long Island while authors and readers had a blast with the event. I made sure to let everyone know early in the day about what my beloved husband sprung on me.

Then we were off, starting with a fabulous live interview with author and life coach Halimah DeOliveira.

I gave readers some excerpts from Sweet Love Bitter Fruit.  I included one semi-steamy scene showing how much Marcus desires his “sweetness.”

The next excerpt set up Toni’s frustration with deciding to start infertility treatments despite knowing that Marcus is dead set against it.

Blogger Maryam Jawwaad took over the event and offered readers a chance to win a copy of Sweet Love-Bitter Fruit.

Then, the fabulous Muslim Urban Fiction author and autism advocate, Umm Juwayriyah took over and provided some eye-opening information about writing and a fun quiz with her new book as a prize.

After a great afternoon with readers, I posted the cover reveal. Artist, Taria Reed did another fantastic job. Her depiction of Marcus and Toni shows the characters deep love for each other and happiness.

I was also able to offer free downloads of My Way to You [Brothers in Law Book One].  The next day! Yeah, the evening was so hectic and exhausting that I forgot to post about the free download, but I did it the next day—as soon as I remembered. It’s one of those weeks.

A special thank you to Halimah DeOliviera, Maryam Jawwad, and Umm Juwayriyah. Visit the SLBF page for updates, character profiles, a slamming playlist, and updates.

My Way to You (3)

Mis Quince Años (1)

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