#NewRelease-Too Far By Yvonne Bennett

Mis Quince Años (27)


Too Far by [Yvonne Bennett, Bold Strokes Editing]New Release
By Yvonne Bennett
$2.99, pp 330, Kindle

Afterhours Publications

Available at Amazon


BLURB: Nadia Mitchell is a headstrong F.B.I agent, looking to take down the head of the illustrious Carmine empire. What she didn’t bank on was the risk that came with being obsessed with Andres, the cutthroat cousin of Agostino. Nadia didn’t know that she would have to get in too far to catch her prey. Now she has to protect herself…and her heart.


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In Too Deep

In Too Deep (2 book series)

From Book 1: Bobbie Smith is a headstrong woman. Yet when it comes to love, she’s a fool for her neglectful, drug-dealing boyfriend, Freddie. When Freddie messes around with the wrong Drug Lord, Bobbie is taken by the notoriously abusive Agostino Carmine. He’s a man she couldn’t stand for the life of her. Agostino, on the other hand, is quite infatuated with her. Bobbie figures to get on his good side, she has to pretend to adore him and follow his strict rules. She never expected her dangerous game to land her in too deep.

***PLEASE NOTE: This book has triggers and abusive moments****


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