New LWL Story-Sweet Love Bitter Fruit Prelude

Toni and Marcus are preparing for their second course of infertility treatments. The first one left them heartbroken and Toni an emotional wreck, so he is hesitant about doing another one, and his deep love for her makes it hard to say no.

Toni is just as anxious as Marcus, but her urge to be a mother makes her determined to forge ahead with her loving husband by her side.

Will they have success the second time around, or will a worse agony come their way?

In Vitro is a prelude short story to the soon-to-be-released Sweet Love – Bitter Fruit, the second novel in the Brothers in Law romance series.  Readers first met the main characters Marcus and Toni Kent in book one, My Way to You and fell in love with their love for each other.

Mis Quince Años (3)

Sweet Love – Bitter Fruit tells their struggle with infertility. In Vitro gives readers a glimpse at some of the things they went through during their second try at having a baby and how even the strongest love can be tested by life’s torments.

Visit the Layla Writes Love Short Stories page to read a powerful short story that gives readers a reason to love Toni and Marcus even more! Exclusive to Layla Writes Love subscribers.

Check out the SLBF [Sweet Love Bitter Fruit] page for character profiles, a pumping playlist, and updates.

Sweet Love-Bitter Fruit Excerpts

1556578008Enjoy these ARC excerpts from the Sweet Love – Bitter Fruit and look out for the pre-order.


Toni flicked on the light and kicked off her stilettos. The small of her back peeked through the laces crisscrossing down her dress, ending at a bow right above her plump bottom. He took off his suit jacket and reached for the string. “So,” she turned, robbing him of the spectacular view and foiling his plans to see the cream fabric puddled on the floor, “you wanna watch TV?” she asked walking backward.

He slowly blinked. Was she for real? She was the only thing about to be turned on. “Umm, no,” he sauntered toward her, “I want to untie that dress.”

He stopped from the pressure of her hands pushing against his shoulders. “I was hoping we could talk. It’s important.”

He wrapped an arm around her waist and poised his lips over hers. “If you don’t mind, Dr. Kent,” he planted a hungry kiss then lifted his head, “I think that can wait until later.” Soft moans escaped her lips as he brushed his lips down her jaw and neck. There would be no talking. Her body had beckoned him with a sensual siren call during dinner and the cab ride home. Now, to answer it. He lifted the dress hem and wrapped her trembling legs around his waist, loosening the laces as he carried her into the bedroom.

Mis Quince Años (2)


Leaning next to the office window, Toni read the page before turning it and looking down at the crowded city street. The people walking past the building four floors below appeared small, unlike her decision. She pressed fingertips into her turning stomach. Weeks of reading had not helped suppress the burning urge to try and have another baby. Not even going through all the side effects, memories of sickness and pain or dread about the inevitable arguments with Marcus were deterrents. I’m going to do this—I think. She closed the book, holding it to her chest. No. Enough with the indecision.

She went to the satin glass desk and picked up the phone. A list of messages and calls appeared on the lock screen. She swiped her thumb up, making them disappear. No distractions or letting a racing heart stop anything. She descended onto the armless chair and crossed her legs before searching through her contacts. Stopping at a number she hadn’t called for a long time, she dialed nerves prickling with each ring.

“Good afternoon, Women’s Health Gynecology and Obstetrics.”

She combed her fingers through her side bang. “Hello, I’m a patient of Dr. Algiers. I would like to make an appointment.”

“Sure, one moment please.”

Brothers in Law

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