BOOK REVIEW Doctor’s Desire-Learning to “Swallow” One’s Medicine


Review by Lyndell Williams
By Love Journey
$8.99, pp 162, paper
$2.99, pp 107, Kindle (Free, KU)

Have you ever loved someone so much and been so happy that you felt like Okoye at the beginning of Black Panther? You’re in Wakanda, chillin’ with W’Kabi, then he gotta go and screw it up by siding with friggin’ Killmonger! I mean, WTF, W’Kabi?!

Now you have to put your bliss on hold and significant other in his place because he insists on being a…man.


***SPOILERS ALERT***  Now, Let’s do this. That’s precisely what Chyna had to do to Jimin in Love Journey’s Doctor’s Desire. The couple meets at their medical school, and each of them is immediately struck. They have a whirlwind courtship full of passion. Things progress very quickly. Jimin is totally down with making Chyna his permanently and she completely plays off of his confidence and her own desires.

They settle, Jimin graduates, and Chyna is completing her studies when he makes a decision that disrupts their glee and potentially jeopardizes his wife’s professional future. He remains selfish and unapologetic, and Chyna needs to engage in some diabolical methods so Jimin can see the error of his ways.

tumblr_mrrdgsmpk21rp30rso1_r1_500It’s not easy, because the handsome and self-assured new doctor is pretty sure he can make his wife bend to his will.

Love Journey creates a sexy and hilarious boy vs. girl romance that keeps readers wondering which one is the craftier of the pair. As each tests the other’s patience and brings their partner to the brink of distraction, deciding who to cheer for becomes difficult.

Jimin, even with his cockiness, is just too cute with the right amount of testosterone-packed obnoxiousness to make it hard to decide if you want Chyna to smack or kiss him. Maybe slap the crap out of him then kiss his boo-boos. Yeah, that’ll work.

Chyna is a captivating strong Black woman who is not taking any man’s s**t—even one who makes every inch of her shiver and cream…ahem…dream.  She has a lot of determination and fortitude that doesn’t intimidate or emasculate her partner. As a matter of fact, sometimes, it’s one of the things about her that get’s Jimin’s engine revving.

I read this novella in one sitting. The author does her usual skillful job of writing likable characters that readers cheer on until the HEA, which is hard when the protagonists are featured exclusively throughout the plot. They need to be engaging and I absolutely was.  There was one part I found a little disturbing, but I will attribute that to my personal preference. The rest of the book was great.

Love Journey brings her typical steam to this feisty couple. I love me some sexual equals, and Chyna and Jimin are quite the sensual peers and rivals. I couldn’t wait to read if they were going to drive one another over the edge of ecstasy or frustration.

I give Doctor’s Desire 3/5 steamy lips.

3 steamy lips

I recommend Doctor’s Desire by Love Journey for readers who want a nice read with two appealing love interests.

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