Black-Asian Swirl Presentation


The Black Women-Asian Men (BWAM) movement highlights and encourages interracial relationships and intimacy between members of two social groups suffering from layers of social stigmatization, including notions that they are generally the least desirable inside and outside of their races and ethnicities. As a cultural phenomenon, BWAM involves Black women and Asian men shaking off dating and courtship conventions that isolate them and supporting the exploration of the appeal in each other.

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Promotion of BWAM infuses popular culture, including popular romance. The interracial romance (IR) subgenre contains a blooming compendium of romance novels featuring Black (mainly African American) women and Asian men. Continue reading “Black-Asian Swirl Presentation”

BOOK REVIEW Doctor’s Desire-Learning to “Swallow” One’s Medicine


Review by Lyndell Williams
By Love Journey
$8.99, pp 162, paper
$2.99, pp 107, Kindle (Free, KU)

Have you ever loved someone so much and been so happy that you felt like Okoye at the beginning of Black Panther? You’re in Wakanda, chillin’ with W’Kabi, then he gotta go and screw it up by siding with friggin’ Killmonger! I mean, WTF, W’Kabi?!

Now you have to put your bliss on hold and significant other in his place because he insists on being a…man.


***SPOILERS ALERT***  Now, Let’s do this. That’s precisely what Chyna had to do to Jimin in Love Journey’s Doctor’s Desire. The couple meets at their medical school, and each of them is immediately struck. They have a whirlwind courtship full of passion. Things progress very quickly. Jimin is totally down with making Chyna his permanently and she completely plays off of his confidence and her own desires.

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