Holding Back Can Feel So Good – A Peek At The Ex-Wife

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Hey, romance addicts! I have a great excerpt from my new release, The Ex-Wife.

Generally, Muslims avoid casual contact with members of the opposite sex, saving a few exceptions such as family members. Things can get tense if you fall for someone and want nothing more than to be casual, but that isn’t always bad.

I find those moments of restraint between a couple, where they have to fight their desire for each other, the most exciting. That’s when romance really comes to life.  

The more time Zaynab and Xander spend at their friends’ house at opposite ends of a long table during Ramadan, the more they desire one another. In the scene below, Xander can’t stop watching her and contemplates taking things to the next stage, if she’s interested. Is she?

Xander put the cup to his lips. He sipped, letting the drink wash down more delicious food as he watched Zaynab wipe smeared date pulp from Beni’s chubby face. She sat poised at the other end of the table; her face bright—beautiful. He never tired of seeing her every night, though it had thrown off his Ramadan.

One night eating at Faiza and Mansur’s house was all he expected. He would be in and out. Zaynab showed up at the same time as he, a pleasant surprise, as was Faiza’s inviting him to dine with them. He jumped on the chance to eat with his friends and see Zaynab again, crushing his plans to avoid distractions. She was a big one, with her captivating black eyes and enticing lips that drew him into accepting more dinner invitations.

Over the past few weeks of Ramadan, he enjoyed warm iftars with his close friends and her. At first, he and Mansur ate separately from the women, but they moved gradually to the dining table. It gave him a chance to get to learn more about Zaynab. The more he got to know, the more he liked. She was smart, funny and dedicated to her son. Xander put the cup down, not taking his eyes away from her. He tried his best to guard his gaze, but it was hard for him not to concentrate on her graceful movements when she was near. He hadn’t been so attracted to a woman since becoming Muslim. Like the grumbling in his gut and dryness scratching his throat during the daylight hours, her presence made him aware of another hunger he had to feed.

Yeah, Xander is ready! This couple was so much fun to write. Check out The Ex-Wife, part of the Ramadan Nights, Season Two. You can also check out the other Muslim romances in the Series, which range from clean to lightly steamy.

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  1. Hi Layla! I love how you mentioned the “moments of restraint between a couple, where they have to fight their desire for each other”- this is the best part of reading a romance for me!

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