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Greetings, romance addicts. I have a whole series for you this time, with excerpts and everything! Check out The Dreggs series by Leslie Georgeson. Keep scrolling for a giveaway!

The Dregs series blurb:

Feared by most. Hated by others. Envied by none.
Always hunted, they live in the shadows.
Once powerful warriors, they are now the dregs.

In a city overrun by gang violence, can these former soldiers overcome their violent pasts, dispel the stigma surrounding them, and learn to fall in love? 


The Tracker
The Dregs Book 1
by Leslie Georgeson
Genre: Romantic Military Suspense


I’m a trained killer. An expert tracker.

I’ve done despicable things. My soul is damaged. My body impaired. That’s what happens when you are a soldier for The Company. I was discharged a year ago. Now I am a dreg. Worthless. With a bounty on my head. I’ve become a creature of the night, hiding in an underground maze during the day. Because I’m not ready to die yet.

She comes to me one night, needing my help to find her sister. The moment I see her, I want her. Her goodness calls to me, makes me yearn for the impossible. She brings life back to the deadness inside me. I’m no good for her. I will do nothing but corrupt her. But I’m a callous bastard. I can’t resist her.

I try not to care for her, but somehow she slips under my skin. She makes me weak. And there is only one thing in this world I am afraid of. Weakness.

I’ll never be good enough for her, so I have to finish this job and send her on her way.

Before she destroys me.

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​ “Where are we? Why am I here? My head’s a little fuzzy.”
Gordon nodded. “It’s the drugs they gave you. You’ll get used to it eventually. Before long, you won’t even remember your own name. They’ll give you a new one, depending on your skills. That is, if you survive long enough to learn some skills.”
Liam’s heart pounded harder. That didn’t make sense. The last thing he remembered was…he searched hard for a memory of some kind, but only came up blank. He couldn’t remember anything except his name, and that had barely come to him. He clung to that memory, not wanting to forget his name.
Liam. My name’s Liam. Don’t forget it. Don’t forget.
My name is Liam. Liam.
I’m Liam.
Liam who?
No last name came forward. No middle name. Just Liam.
It would have to be good enough.
How old am I?
He glanced down at himself. Faded jeans. Black hoodie. Converse sneakers. Wiry build. Not as old as Gordon.
He stared blankly at the big, redheaded kid.
How old am I?
He glanced back down at himself.
Yeah. I’m twelve. I think.
Panic gripped him again. He couldn’t be sure. What was going on? Why couldn’t he remember anything?
Gordon’s words finally sank home: It’s the drugs they gave you.
Liam’s heart rate kicked up even more, galloping in place like a tethered thoroughbred. Drugs? Who were they? What had they done to him? He shouldn’t be here. He should be home with…who? His family? Did he even have a family?
His head hurt, a fierce pounding that made him want to scream in agony. He clutched his head in his hands and groaned softly. “Why am I here? Why? I don’t understand.”
Gordon shrugged. “Why are any of us here? Because we’re expendable. I just hope you last longer than my last roommate did.”
Liam snapped his head up, the headache screeching to a sudden halt. “What happened to your last roommate?”
Gordon eyed him with a seriousness that made Liam flinch. “He didn’t survive the first round of tests.”
Tests? What tests? What was this guy talking about?
“This is freaking me out.” Liam jumped up from the bed. He paced across the cell to the bars. Staring out into the corridor, he shouted, “Help! Let me out of here! There’s been a mistake!”
A big hand gripped his shoulder. “Won’t do you any good, Liam. You can scream and cry until you’re hoarse. They won’t free you. You’re not a human being anymore. You’re a test subject. A lab rat.”
Liam spun his head around, his gaze locking on Gordon’s. “What do you mean? Who are they?”
Gordon sighed. “They are The Company. They own us now. From this point forward, you just need to concentrate on staying alive, because you can’t run, and you can’t hide. You’ll never escape.”
He gave Liam a sympathetic pat on the back and turned away.
“Welcome to hell, roomie.”


The Fighter
The Dregs Book 2 


My dreg name is The Fighter. I’m an expert in mixed martial arts. I had to betray my dreg brothers to protect my child. I’m a traitor now. An outsider. So I keep my distance from them. Hiding in the shadows.

But I have more important things to worry about than trying to win back their trust. I have a five-year-old kid to take care of now. She scares the hell out of me. I don’t know the slightest thing about kids. I need a nanny to care for my daughter. So I place an ad and hope that someone will reply.

The woman who responds is not what I expect. She’s young and gorgeous and way out of my league. But she’ll have to do, since I have no one else. I try not to want her. I try to keep my distance. But she is pure temptation. And I’m falling under her spell. 

She doesn’t know that working for me puts her in danger. She doesn’t know who or what I am. And I plan to keep it that way.

Because the truth could hurt her.

And so could I.

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​I rounded a corner, my foot accidentally connecting with a discarded soda can I somehow hadn’t seen. The aluminum banged and clanged as it bounced across the asphalt, then slammed into a large garbage dumpster.
Shit. The soda can had just announced my presence to anyone nearby. Criminals lurked everywhere on these streets, waiting for hapless victims to walk by.
I halted, tensing, as my acute senses picked up a threat on the other side of the dumpster. Four different breaths. Four separate heartbeats. The scents of fear and sweat reached my nostrils at the same time that I sensed their ill intent. Four men were hiding behind that dumpster.
I slowly reached for the knife strapped to the inside of my ankle.
A normal man would probably flee to safety. But I wasn’t a normal man. I didn’t run from danger. I ran into it.


The Healer
The Dregs Book 3 


Violence has been a part of my life since my early teens. But I’m a peacemaker at heart. I fix things. I heal the wounded.

Being a dreg means I’ve spent most of my life as a prisoner, a soldier for The Company doing despicable things. I can’t change the past or what I’ve done. But I can control who I am today.

I’ve always followed the rules. Always. Until the one time I didn’t.

I gave my phone number to a complete stranger. I broke a rule that would prove detrimental to my safety and the safety of my dreg brothers. I thought I was just helping a woman in need. I didn’t even consider the consequences of that action.

And now the dominoes are falling, one by one…

For her, I would break the rules. For her, I wanted to be a hero. To change the world. But being a hero comes at a cost.

Am I willing to risk it all for a woman who could ruin me and everything I believe in?

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This isAlissa. You once offered to help me. The Spartans just found me. Please help.
My blood ran cold. If the Spartans had taken her, she might already be dead. But I couldn’t ignore her plea for help, no more than I could ignore my dreg brothers’ moans of pain when they’d been injured. I was a healer. A fixer of things. A reducer of pain.
If I could find Alissa, I would help her. And if she was injured, I would heal her.
My gut churned thinking of all the horrible things the Spartans might do to her. Rape being at the top. She’d seemed liked a strong woman, but I’d also sensed a brokenness in her. I imagined she and I were alike in that regard. I’d been beaten down many times, only to rise up stronger, more determined. I knew from firsthand experience that everyone had a breaking point. Even the toughest person could be brought to his or her knees. Only the strongest managed to pick themselves back up and move forward. If I could somehow prevent Alissa from suffering abuse at the hands of the Spartans, then I certainly would. I’d go in with guns a-blazing to free her, if necessary. That’s how much she got to me. I couldn’t stomach the thought of her being hurt in any way.
I glanced at my dreg partner Tony, aka The Smuggler, who was stuffing his phone in his pocket and staring out into the dark forest around us.
“You wanna take a drive with me?”


The Smuggler
The Dregs Book 4 



As a soldier, that was the thing I dreaded most. Being discharged. War, fighting, and killing were my life. What I did best.

But now I’d been discharged. My physical injuries were minuscule. But my mental injuries were severe. PTSD. That’s what they said. I was messed up inside. Loco. So now I am a dreg. With nothing to do. No purpose in life. I will waste away like this. I need action. I need violence. I need war.

I find all of that when a gorgeous redhead tricks me. She’s a bounty hunter. How did I not see that one coming? Now I am a captive. Chained like a beast. I will escape. I will get revenge and make her pay. I will get the violence I crave.

Then she frees me. And the tables turn. Now I’m in charge. She’s my prisoner. I can’t lose this battle. I won’t let her win. Because losing means she’s taken something from me, something I don’t want to admit I even had to begin with.

A heart.

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​The front door clicked shut.
I pulled at the handcuffs again, though I knew escape was impossible. Seething, I waited for Grace to return. Would she cower out and not come back? Would she leave me here for hours?
What did she have planned for me? Seriously? Did she intend bodily harm? Torture?
I couldn’t believe I’d been fooled by a woman.
She appeared in the bedroom doorway, eyeing me warily with those deep green eyes. “Do you agree to help find my girls?”
Just agree, you moron. Then you’ll be free.
“Okay, I’ll help find your kids. But I’m going to want something in return.”
She nodded. “I expected as much. Name it.”
My heartrate kicked up as the promise of freedom loomed closer. I knew exactly what I wanted.
“If I go inside the Sureños compound and free your kids, then I want one entire night with you.”


The Trainer
The Dregs Book 5 


Language is my passion. I excel in linguistics. I can “train” myself to learn any language on the planet. In minutes. Or less. You won’t get anything past me, no matter what language you’re speaking. 

Being a dreg means I have a bounty on my head, so I conduct all my business under cover of darkness. One night I return from fueling up my truck to find an Asian beauty hiding in the bed. One look into her stunning, almond-shaped eyes, her exquisitely exotic features, and I’m a goner. I will do anything for this woman. 

Then I discover her daddy is the leader of one of the most powerful gangs in Augusta—the Black Dragons. Is she really as innocent as she seems? Or have I been set up? 

Now I’m a target. I’ve intercepted a major deal. Her daddy is furious and wants her back. The gangs are coming for her. 

But they’ll have to get through me first. Because now that I’ve found her, I’m not giving her up. 

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​I paused, my acute senses picking up a female’s scent. Faint. Fruity shampoo.
Then the faint thump thump, thump thump, thump thump of a heartbeat penetrated my only ear.
I might be partially deaf—thanks to an IED that had blown off my left ear and half of my face—but I still had heightened senses. If I was in a busy place with lots of noise, it was difficult for my one ear to pick up any single sound. But if it was quiet, like right now, I was able to pick up and focus on a singular sound.
Such as a heartbeat.
What the hell?
Was I imagining things?
I stood still, listening.
Soft breaths reached my ear.
I turned toward the sound.
Oh shit, no. She was in the bed of my truck. How had that happened?
I stepped back, cautiously setting the bags of groceries on the garage floor, and pulled my weapon free from the holster at my back. Woman or not, she could be a threat. And I’d been trained to defend myself from any type of threat.
A silver throwing star flashed past my head, skimming through my hair and narrowly missing my one remaining ear, before lodging into the garage wall behind me.
“Hey!” I jerked back, raising my weapon.
With a flash of movement, she bolted to her feet in the back of the truck, landing in a ninja fighting stance, a Kunai knife gripped in one small hand and a fighting staff held in the other. Dressed all in black, she crouched low, her gaze wary, watchful. I recognized another warrior when I saw one. Who was she? Even as tiny as she was, I imagined she was a formidable opponent and could easily handle herself. Even so, she was no match for me. In a battle, I could easily take her down. But I didn’t want to hurt her. And I certainly didn’t want her to throw any more stars—or that deadly knife—at me. I could evade the fighting staff, but the knife could cause me bodily harm.
I cautiously assessed my opponent.
“Easy, little one. I’m not going to hurt you.”


The Hacker
The Dregs Book 6 


My dreg name is The Hacker. I can get past any firewall, decrypt any document, hack into any electronic device. No matter your secrets, I will find them. Nothing is safe from me. There is no other hacker in the world with my unique abilities.

So when I discover someone is researching me, I take notice.

Senator Collins’ daughter is on to me. She’s an investigative reporter on the hunt for the truth surrounding her father’s death. She knows I was somehow involved. She’s threatening to find me. To make me suffer. She won’t stop until she gets her story. So I egg her on, daring her to find me.

She takes the bait.

Now I have a choice to make. I can scare her so badly that she gives up her investigation and stops looking into her father’s death.

Or I can share the truth. About her father. About The Company. About the dregs. About everything.

But if I let her into my life, into my heart—if I trust her—she could destroy me so easily. She could ruin us all.

How far will she go to get her story? And how much am I willing to reveal for an elusive chance at love?

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​If Shannon had read the file, then she would know—or at least suspect—that I’d killed her father.
But she didn’t know why. She didn’t know I’d been trying to save Logan’s life. She didn’t know her father had been trying to kill me.
I should have anticipated this.
I raked a hand through my hair, then leaned back in my chair with a groan.
If she was investigating her father’s murder, then she likely didn’t know anything about The Company. Which meant she probably had no idea what kind of man her father had been. And if she was half the investigator I imagined her to be, then she wouldn’t stop until she uncovered the truth.
I really didn’t want to be the one to tell her the truth.
I closed my eyes and pictured Shannon in my mind.
Long, silky blonde hair full of gorgeous, sexy waves. Intelligent, deep blue eyes. Her features delicate, pure feminine perfection. Shannon Collins was a knockout. Every man’s fantasy. Or at least, mine.
I had originally wondered if she was part of The Company. Now I suspected not. If she dug deep enough, she might uncover the truth about her father’s extracurricular activities. The other Company shareholders would likely do whatever necessary to keep her quiet. I imagined they were probably watching her right now, keeping her under surveillance. If she found out too much, they would snuff her out. By investigating her father’s death, Shannon was putting her own life in danger.
I had to admire her for that. She was certainly determined.
This made me even more curious about her.
And it seemed she was curious about me, too. Though for a completely different reason.
If Shannon Collins showed up here, I would have to scare her away somehow.
Because the information in MK Investigations’ file might be enough to take me down.
And I wasn’t about to let her destroy me.


The Extractor
The Dregs Book 7 


I’m a player. A ladies’ man. Seduction is my specialty. Luring women into my bed is easy peasy. None of them can resist me. It’s not their fault. I am irresistible. They all want me. Every last one of them.

Until I meet Liz.

I made a life-changing decision the day I took a detour to visit my mother. A decision that not only put Mom in danger, but Liz as well. You see, Liz works for my mom, and I have to go through Liz to get to my mother. The thing is, I find myself drawn to Liz. Even though she’s not my type. She’s different than the others. Her quiet beauty and inner strength call to me.

But Liz doesn’t want me back. She despises me on sight. My charm won’t work on her. My good looks don’t seduce her. She’s immune to me.

And I can’t stand it. Why won’t she give me a chance? How can she judge me without even knowing me? So I try a different tactic. Just friends.

It throws her off and now she’s falling right into my carefully laid trap. She’s letting down her guard, little by little. Except, I’m the one who gets snared. I’m the one who falls.

Now I have to figure out how to show her that I can be a one-woman man, and she’s the only one I want.

But I soon have a much bigger problem than winning Liz over.

A cunning mastermind who will stop at nothing to see me dead—and steal my girl.

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​I leaned across the counter, laying on the charm.
“Hey, doll, how you doing?”
Her eyes widened slightly, her gaze darting to Luke, then back to me. “Doll?” she repeated, letting out a huff. “That’s a little insulting, don’t you think? A doll is a child’s toy. Plastic. Fabric. Porcelain. Fake. With no brains. Women are living, breathing creatures, you know. Real. With genuine brains. How many women have you offended by calling them doll?”
Well, fuck me. That had never happened before. Heat crept up my neck and into my face, making my cheeks burn. What a stuffy bitch. Luke chortled in glee, slapping me on the arm, loving my discomfiture. Asshole.
I cleared my throat. “I apologize, miss. I meant no offense. I’ve always thought of it as an endearment, not an insult.”
She rolled her eyes. “I know your type. You think just because you’re good-looking that women are supposed to fall at your feet and forgive your offensive mannerisms. You think you can get away with anything. Well, I, for one, am not impressed.”
Excuse me? I moved back a step, stunned. I did not think that. What the hell crawled up her ass? Despite what she thought, I did not disrespect women. I loved women and I applauded them for all their achievements. I was totally in favor of equal rights for women. In the bedroom, and out. Just because I was a flirt didn’t mean I was an ass. And no woman had ever been offended that I’d called her “doll” before. For some reason, this chick had a hard-on for me. She’d already judged me without even knowing me. And that pissed me off. If she ever gave me a chance, she would discover I was a nice guy, and I could be quite a gentleman. Both in the bedroom, and out.
Whoa…hold on a minute. I was not thinking about sex with this chick. Hot body aside, she was sooo not my type. I preferred my women willing and eager. Not hostile.
Admit it, dude. She’s a challenge you’d love to master. No woman has ever dissed you so bluntly before. If you could break through her walls and get her to let down her guard, you would be achieving the impossible.
Luke’s smile widened, his eyes dancing with mischief.
Oh no, he’d better not…


The Enforcer
The Dregs Book 8 


Damaged. Broken.

Those are words I never thought I would associate with myself.

But that was before The Controller got a hold of me.

Now I’m a mere shell of the man I once was. I’m fighting an uphill battle, desperately trying to recover from The Controller’s pull over me. Trying to heal.

It’s been four months since the dregs all moved to Idaho. My dreg brothers all have normal lives now. Women who love them. Families. A purpose.

Not me. I’m more alone now than I’ve ever been. I ignore everyone’s text messages and their phone calls. I stay hidden from the world, living in a small cabin back in the woods. I don’t want them to see me this way.

One night, the loneliness finally gets to be too much. I crave a woman’s warm body and a physical release to help me cope. So I head out in search of a willing female who might keep me company for a few hours.

The gorgeous and sexy bartender at the Northern Pike is just what I need. I have no way of knowing that she will bring nothing but danger and upheaval into my life. That she will turn my world completely upside down. Or that she might be the only thing that can heal me.

But by the time I figure all of that out, it’s too late.

The Controller is back.

And this time, he has no intention of letting me go.

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​ “It’s closing time, sir. You should head on home. I can’t serve you any more drinks tonight.”
That voice! Rich, sultry, with a natural huskiness that made me want to hear her talk dirty to me.
“I don’t need a drink.” All I need is you, gorgeous.
While I kept the mental barrier between us, I allowed River’s emotions to penetrate my walls so I could get a feel for her true character.
She paused, lifting her gaze to mine. Her aura swirled around me like smoke drifting downwind of a campfire, engulfing me in her pure, honest essence.
Every muscle in my body tensed.
I sucked in a disbelieving breath.
Holy shit! She’s just like me!
At first, I could do nothing but stare at her while she stared back, her vibe enveloping me, sucking me in. Her curiosity flowed into me. Awareness flashed in her eyes, but she quickly tamped it back, as if she didn’t want to feel attraction toward me. Her overall vibe was a good one.
She’s just like me.
“So, if you don’t want a drink, why are you still here?” she demanded.
I let my gaze sweep boldly down her body and back up. This girl was hotter than a raging bonfire.
And she’s like me.
I couldn’t stop thinking about that. I’d never met anyone who was like me before. I’d always felt so alone. So different.
Not anymore.
“I was waiting for you, sweetheart.”
She flushed. “Waiting for me? Why?” Though her words were casual, her heartrate accelerated, and a fresh wave of uneasiness washed over her.
Did she sense that I was like her? That she was like me?
I wanted to ask her questions about being an empath, see if she experienced things the same way I did. Did she know how to shut out the emotions of others like I did? Could she block her own emotions from other people? Could she read people’s minds? So far, she seemed completely open with her emotions, not holding anything back. Maybe she didn’t know how to. Her vibe was so pure, so real, it was unlike any I’d ever encountered.
My fascination with her, my desire to know another person who was like me, increased.
I was honest and blunt by nature. I always spoke my mind. So I told her exactly what I was thinking. “You’re just like me.”
She stilled, and the way she’d slipped her hand beneath the counter told me she’d grabbed onto a weapon—probably a gun. I wouldn’t try to take her gun away unless she attempted to shoot me with it. I hoped she didn’t do that because I didn’t want to hurt her.
Her gaze faltered. “No, you’re wrong there, mister. I’m nothing like you.”


Leslie Georgeson writes a blend of romance and suspense, sometimes tossing in a dash of sci-fi or paranormal to make things more interesting. From genetically-altered super soldiers (The Dregs) to deceptive, daredevil rescuers (The Pact), her stories are laced with danger, action, and plenty of steam. Music and the mafia combine in her newly released romantic suspense series, Something Real. Book one, FREAK, is now available at all retailers. Look for the next book, SNITCH, in the spring of 2021.

Leslie is an avid reader, a nature and animal lover, a plant enthusiast, and enjoys spending time with her amazing family. She lives with her husband of 25+ years and her teenage daughter on a quiet country acreage in Idaho.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads


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