How Author Dee S. Knight Finds Inspiration

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By Dee S. Knight

Every writer gets inspiration from somewhere, a muse that shouts (or whispers) in their ear, asking for a book. Often, I find mine in songs or from a phrase in a conversation.

I wrote the paranormal, erotic romance, The Man of Her Dreams (soon-to-be republished), based on a song I heard while out driving. The song was Wish You Were Here. It was about a man who had gone away for business and sent his wife a postcard talking about how beautiful the place was. He ended with “Wish you were here!” He died on the way home, and she received the card after his death. In The Man of Her Dreams, the heroine receives a strange card from her husband and then he dies on the way home. Her card ends in mystery and intrigue. I am enjoying re-reading this book as I update it for a publication this summer!

Burning Bridges by [Anne Krist]As Anne Krist, I wrote Burning Bridges based on a news report of a mailman who wanted to take the afternoon off, so he went home, shoved his mailbag in the shed in his backyard, and left it there. Decades later, his family was cleaning out the shed and returned the bags to the post office, who then attempted to deliver the mail. In Burning Bridges, I had three lost letters delivered to the heroine, Sara Richards. The letters were from a sailor who had left for the Vietnam War after declaring his love…and she never heard from him again. Until that day. Trouble is, the letters were numbered, and the three she receives were not the first he wrote. What happened to the others? That’s a question that reveals years of lies and betrayal, that Sara has to find a way through. Continue reading “How Author Dee S. Knight Finds Inspiration”

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