After multiple failed in vitro attempts, Toni is ready to try again, but Marcus is done. He doesn’t want another headache or more heartache.  Will a baby-making impasse tear this dream couple apart?

From the author of My Way to You, a new novel about keeping the flames of love and passion burning in a world determined to snuff them out.

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There’s depth, there’s steamy passion, and there’s genuine love.
I looked forward to the 2nd Williams book in this heartfelt series ever since reading the first book, and I was not disappointed.
The romance is deep and compelling, the steam is hot, and Marcus and Toni's love will hold you long after you finish reading it.
Marcus was amazing, a great loving husband, son, brother, uncle and friend. I loved reading about the love of a wonderful couple. This is a must-read.

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Passion and interpersonal politics collide. This interracial romance handles tough topics unflinchingly.
Talia Hibbert, author—Mating the Huntress
My Way to You is a witty and gripping BWAM romance full of passion. 
Love Journey Books
My Way to You is a compelling interracial romance that shows how hard it can be for two people to stay together in a world divided by race. 
Nasheed Jaxson, author—Her Justice
I absolutely loved reading this! It was just the right amount of sensual, sexy, and real. The Road Less Read

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ezgif.com-video-to-gifGreetings, fellow romance lovers and welcome to my blog. Thank you for stopping by and allowing me the opportunity to share my passion—which is passion!

People frequently ask me, “why romance, Layla…why?!” Love—as an emotion and action—drives who we are individually and as a society, so it’s important to appreciate how we express it and  understand our humanity better. For me, romance novels are more than entertainment; they demonstrate how we explore and apply an essential human sentiment—love!

I’m looking forward to writing. I already have several contemporary and paranormal romance projects in the works.

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