Damsels and Beetles – When Fear Trumps Fierceness

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#OpenBook Blog Hop

I know many people see me as the stereotypical strong Black woman who ain’t scared of nothing, but I have my fears, and this week’s Open Book question come me feeling all kinds of creepy. Like really? We had to go there?

This fear of mine causes me to experience a heap of ridicule from my husband and sons. They laugh their butts off while I’m yelling for them to come and rescue me from this abysmal pest.

It happens at least once a summer. I’m chillin’ in my bed; it’s usually dark with maybe the tv or computer running—or both #multitasker. Then a clickclickclick begins to permeate the room. My heart rate ratches up; riveted to my spot, I usually peer at the ceiling, searching for the horrible intruder filling me with dread. Continue reading “Damsels and Beetles – When Fear Trumps Fierceness”

Papa Bear’s Porch Seat

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In this week’s Open Blog Hop, writers are asked to describe their favorite piece of furniture and any story there might be behind it.

My favorite piece of furniture isn’t because I enjoy it but because the man that I love and share my life with does. I affectionately call him Papa Bear on social media because he prefers that I don’t use his full name. I also like it.

I’m blessed with 27 years of marriage to a man that works damned hard for his family’s security. Continue reading “Papa Bear’s Porch Seat”

Black Cloth Quads – Hijab Basics

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Here we are at another #OpenBlogHop. Let’s do this!

Covering is an active act of worship for many Muslim women, and something I’ve observed for decades. Khimars (what I tend to call it as an AA Muslim)/hijabs are in an integral part of my faith, identity and wardrobe.

23905206_10155624503098787_3890007133059219536_nI have piles of khimars all over my house. Folded stacks sit in storage in the corner of my bedroom. Some hang from hooks on my closet, and with three daughters, they’re draped on the back of chairs and across sofas. They vary in style but two constants remained a part of my covering—my khimars are either square or rectangular and black is in abundance. Continue reading “Black Cloth Quads – Hijab Basics”

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