#coverreveal – Drowning in Shallow Waters; Brothers in Law Book 4

Hey, romance addicts. All right, you guys have been waiting a while for this one. The next book in the awesome Brothers in Law series is coming soon. Get ready for Drowning in Shallow Waters, a steamy, romantic suspense featuring Brandon and Hawwah!

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Growing up, Brandon was an observant Muslim. In law school, he focused on his education and career. Having built a firm filled with wealthy clients, he is now looking for someone with whom he can share his success. It’s not easy. 

Hawwah Did everything right in her life, except marrying the wrong man. Now she is constantly on the run, afraid that her abusive ex will catch up to her.

Brandon falls deeply for Hawwah, releasing years of pent-up desire. He must have her, but what price will he pay to be with her? Will he be able to protect her, or will he end up in danger too?

Drowning in Shallow Waters is a steamy Muslim romance between a BBW female and sexy, fluffy alpha.

From Drowning in Shallow Waters – Brothers in Law Book 4

Brandon inhaled and looked over her shoulder. “How about we see the rest of the space, Lawrence?”

Lawrence flashed a knowing grin. “This way,” he said, raising a palm. He walked out the glass office door. 

She turned to follow, but Brandon took her hand. Energy surged through her. It intensified when he cupped her cheek and brought his mouth close to hers. “It’s getting harder and harder not to kiss you. I don’t care who’s around. I spent years strengthening my self-control, but any resolve I have vanishes when I see you smile. Don’t call it thirst or desperation. The pull you have on me is more than that. It stems from my soul and lights a desire in me I never experienced before. You capture my senses and make me feel more alive than I ever have.”

Hawwah leaned closer until his mustache hairs tickled her top lip and sent a shiver through her. “Then it’s a good thing you’re marrying me.”

He cleared his throat and straightened, dropping his hands. “Yes, and when I first kiss you, it will be as my wife. I’m sorry if I overstepped.”

She shook at the sudden formality in his tone, as if he splashed cold water on her. They took things too far, yet her being ached with the sensation that it wasn’t far enough. She swallowed and took a step back. “You don’t have to apologize.”

His eyes softened. “Thank you for understanding.” He walked around her. “Let’s go find Lawrence.” He stopped at the doorway. “After we finish, I’ll take you to my parents’ house. I’m sure Umi went all out for dinner. She can’t wait to meet you.”

“I’m a little nervous.”

“Everything will be fine. Make sure you bring your contract so we can finalize it—” he smirked “—and I get closer to being able to kiss you.”

She crossed the room, dragging her gaze up his body’s broad frame before staring up at him. “A kiss? I hope you have more than that for me, counselor.”

He hovered his mouth near her ear. The tips of his beard hairs caressed her cheek and sent a shiver through her. “An experienced chef like you should know better than to play with fire. Watch it before you get burned.”

She turned her head and whispered into his, “Promises, promises, Mr. Hulse.” His shuddering breath provided more than enough satisfaction that she could throw the noble and stoic lawyer off kilter whenever she wanted. She spun on her sneakers. “Lawrence?” She called down the hallway as she sashayed away, turning briefly to see the admiration covering Brandon’s face.

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