#newrelease – The Pen Muslim Romance

#ramadan #muslimromance #lovetohate

Hey, romance addicts. Author Sara Allen has a new Muslim romance for you! The Pen is part of season two of the Ramadan Nights series. Check it out!

Hafsah Simpson is different from some of the women she knows. She’s not interested in falling into someone’s arms, just because her parents think she should. Neither is she aching for love. Finding that the men who’ve approached her, have done so because their parents arranged the meeting, she’s fed up with that first glance, the widening of the eyes, and the smirk on the lips. Hafsah knows there isn’t any interest from the brothers she’s forced to meet.

Choosing a career over marriage, she’s finding joy in championing Muslim artists, bringing their work out of the dark and into the limelight. Her latest project on ‘The Art of The Quran’, means she gets to meet a little-known Qatari calligrapher, one whose penmanship is exquisite. Hafsah’s interested in one thing only, learning as much as she can from the man while he’s at the gallery. With the select few who’ve managed to secure a place in the classes, Hafsah knows it’s an opportunity she’s not willing to miss.
Abdul-Latif, a Qatari calligrapher, is running away from the women his parents are intent on throwing at him. He wants more than the loveless marriage he’s seen his parents endure. Having seen his grandfather, who met and married the woman of his dreams, he desires the same. However, Abdul has no dreams. Isolated in the tiny Emirati state, his experiences supervised by an over-bearing father, and an obsessive mother. He knows they only want the best for him, but he’d like some breathing space as well.

A London gallery invites him to showcase his calligraphy and conduct a series of five-day classes. It’s the opportunity he’s been looking for to avoid the latest match his mother has lined up for him as soon as the holy month is over. The invitation will give him the chance to complete the month in peace, surrounded by the two things he loves the most; recitation of the Qur’an, and the beautiful calligraphy that shapes the words.

What Abdul doesn’t expect, is meeting the headstrong gallery assistant. She’s unlike the meek-seeming and calculating women he’s met before. Abdul is going to take a chance and get to know her and her family, even if he must stay in London until Ramadan comes around again next year.

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