#newrelease – The Last Chance

#ramadan #muslimromance #lovetohate

Hey, romance addicts. Author Saffiyah Ali has a new Muslim romance for you! The Last Chance is part of season two of the Ramadan Nights series. Check it out!

Will their secrets last longer than the marriage?

Saafir and Sameerah have a secret. They’re married! But they haven’t told anyone.

Sameerah’s a widow who never thought she would find love again. Especially not with a man eight years her junior. But Saafir is no one’s dirty little secret. And their love is nothing to be embarrassed about. If she wants to stay married she needs to get over it.
He needs to know… did she marry him for love or lust? Their marriage means more than that, right?

Find out in this short, sweet, and swoony Muslim romance novel.

This Ramadan, join the authors of Ramadan Nights and find out what happens when love and deen connect…

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