Unlimited Anything Creates Imaginary and Real Problems

Hey, romance addicts. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and is geared up for the weekend! I am geared up for this week’s Open Book blog hop post. Let’s check it out. 

What do you wish you had an unlimited supply of?


A nice, theoretical question is the perfect way to end the week. We live in a world filled with limitations. Our world is shaped by boundaries, which ensure that there is a constant balance of imbalance. I could not think of one thing of which I would not like unlimited anything, because it would only exacerbate my inability to escape the constraints of my existence. I don’t want to seem pessimistic–well, maybe a little–but bear with me.

Consider two things: time and money. There is no doubt that many people would enjoy unlimited amounts of one, but their prospects often entail conflicting conditions that hamper their benefit. Let’s take a look.

Unlimited Amount of Time

All the time in the world brings to mind the Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough at Last,” a classic show about a bookworm, Henry Bemis. Henry loved to read, all day, every day. Unfortunately, life stood in Henry’s way, until he found himself alone in a post-apocalyptic world. 

The bespectacled bibliophile was initially distressed. Then he noticed that the library remained standing, still filled with books. As he stacked books around him, he was filled with joy. Ironically, he stepped on his glasses, surrounded by books, unable to read a word. 

Although he had unlimited amounts of time, his physical limitations prevented him from enjoying it. There’s no guarantee that one will remain healthy, have unlimited resources, or even succeed in every endeavor they undertake with an infinite amount of time. Therefore, limits hinder limitless possibilities. 

Unlimited Amounts of Money

The story of Mansa Musa I, the ninth Mansa (sultan, king, emperor) of the Mali Empire, illustrates how unlimited money can cause a lot of damage to society.  During Musa’s reign, Mali produced vast amounts of gold, making him the richest man in history.

Musa was a generous donor with his wealth, engaging in massive spending and charity . During his journeys through Africa, Egypt, Medina, and Mecca, he brought a glut of gold with him, causing inflation. Due to his generosity, an extended recession spread through the regions for a decade. 

You can have too much of anything, including money, especially if you acquire more than you will ever spend. Consequently, stress, caused by worrying about their riches, would prevent internal peace. The late Howard Hughes lived a very rich and paranoid life.

Often, unlimited implies something extreme, which can cause havoc in a world and reality that prioritizes balance when seeking happiness, contentment and peace of mind.

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