#mfrwsteam – Taking Turns in The Cuffs

Hey, romance addicts. I have an exciting new romantic suspense! Trapped in Sin is full of drama, suspense, and passion. Baaz and Rahmah are a hot couple with dynamic relationship in the bedroom. In many spicy romances, there is one established dominant, but this couple is different. While Baaz is still the dom in the bedroom, he allows Rahmah to explore taking the lead. Check them talk about some BDSM cuff play.

Rahmah backed out of the door to Junaid’s room and smiled up at Baaz. “Hey, I got him down for his nap—” she smoothed a palm over his bare chest. “What do you want to do with the time we have alone?” Without waiting for a response, she took his hand and led him into their bedroom. The smell of lavender from candles flickering on the nightstands surrounded them.

When they reached the bed, blankets already drawn back, he pressed her body to his. “When did you do this?” he asked, nipping at her ear.

She dropped her head and turned it to his face. “When you were marching around the house, talking to the landscaper.” Her hand covered his hardening cock. “It’s so nice having you here—” she turned and cupped the back of his head, “—handling things. Now, I’ll handle you.” She turned them until the back of his knees hit the bed, giggling and playing with his beard. After she pulled his sweats and boxers down his legs, she pushed him.

He gave into her force, landing on the mattress and gazing up at her, traveling his palms up her thighs. “How are you going to handle me?” he asked, kicking the clothes from around his feet. Her eyes flashed with a sensual mischief that only he got to see. She was up to some sexual shenanigans, and he was here for it all.

She pointed to the headboard. “With those.”

He looked to see two sets of soft cuffs dangling from the wrought iron arch between the headboard’s two oak pillars. He swallowed. “Isn’t that your thing?”

“No. It’s our thing. I was just the last one in them. Scooch back.”

He glowered. “I don’t scooch.”

Her full bottom lip poked out. “Why do you want to be difficult?” She batted her lashes and yanked off the terrycloth robe, revealing a tangerine halter teddy. The color made her brown breasts, bulging in the middle of the plunging neckline, glow. She traced her fingers between them. “Don’t you want to have fun with me?”

He bit his bottom lip and grunted. His mind told him not to give in. He was the boss. But his throbbing stiffness demanded he give her whatever she wanted. He scooched back, as ordered. His treacherous dick bobbed and rested on his lower abdomen in anticipation. “There better not be any underwear under that.”

Rahmah flashed a triumphant smile and approached, wrapping the soft handcuffs around his wrist and yanking the buckle closed. “Don’t worry—” she lifted the teddy, showing off her delicious pussy before rounding the bed “—I know what my man likes, even if he doesn’t.” She tightened the other cuff. “Let me show you some new stuff I learned while you were away.”

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  1. Ooh, I love a man who can share by taking turns being dominant! I’m sure she’s got something special planned that will more than satisfy both of them! And next time he’ll be a quicker “scoocher!” LOL.

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