#newrelease – St. Patricks Bae

Hey, romance addicts. Author Sparkle Riley released an interracial erotic short. St. Patrick’s Bae features an exotic dancer who, in the midst of COVID lockdowns, gets an offer she can’t refuse. Riley’s tale is part of the Love & Lust at Lockdown series. Check it out!

St. Patricks Bae!: I hit the Jackpot! by [Sparkle Riley]

Twenty- four year old, Stripper Treasure is down and out on love and cash. The Covid Pandemic has her off the street temporarily. Club Diamonds has been shut-down for a minute. The Manager, Dollar Signs was skeptical about sneaking open with a low capacity.

If Treasure had a man at home, she would be complete. So when Dollar Signs calls her out of the blue for a gig, she was shocked. A secret and super wealthy model rented out the club for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Dollar Signs owed Treasure a favor, so he had to hook her up. At least, that’s what he told her. Really it was because the other ladies didn’t feel comfortable doing lap dances due to Covid. Treasure didn’t have anything else to do, so she figured why not! The gig was paying mad money! All she had to do was take extra precautions. After that, anything goes for that type of cash.

Her, the DJ, Bartender and the mysterious mystery man would all take Covid tests prior to opening night. Treasure would be the only Stripper there, so all eyes and cash would be on her. Treasure had to admit that it was a little weird to do a private dance on St. Patrick’s Day! She wondered who this rich guy was and why was his identity hidden?

Bad boy and Irish Model, Rafferty was in town to tear up for the weekend. He and his Cousin, Tadgh wanted to make epic videos in private! Rafferty “Riker” Doyle was a super freak and wild! He loved the ladies and was a ladies man. His Cousin Tadhg was a boring, hopeless romantic. Riker only brought him along because he is super responsible. He didn’t drink or do drugs. He was the perfect gentleman and that’s why he was still single. He made sure that Riker was okay on his wild nights of partying, booze, drugs and sex.

When Tadhg meets beautiful, exotic Treasure he is immediately blown away. For some reason, he decided that he was not going to let Riker take advantage of her. The moment he laid eyes on her, it was love and lust at first sight. He knew he was no match for his gorgeous cousin. Riker was rich, drove fast sports cars and very suave. He figured he would never have a chance with a Lady like Treasure. But, he was willing to give her his all. Who will win Treasure’s heart? The bad boy or the nice guy. A night of porn flicks, whipped cream, nude dancing will be a night to remember!

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  1. Wow! I’ll bet she wishes she didn’t have to choose! Rich bad boy, or sweet loving man? How about both? LOL. But this is a romance and probably closer to reality, so I hope she chooses the sweet man–they need loving too!


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