#booktease – Exile, Bad Boy Military Romance

Hey, romance addicts. Ready for a book tease? I have one for you from author Shani Greene-Dowdell. She is giving readers a taste of her romance Exile, part of her Bad Boy Military Romance series.

In my peripheral, jaws dropped and hands flew to mouths in horror. The people waiting to use the restroom didn’t know what to make of me slinging Malaysia’s unconscious body up into my arms and bum-rushing the back door at the end of the hall. Darkness, barely being pushed back by a single, hazy streetlight on the other side of the alley, surrounded us as I jogged for the Mercedes with its engine running a few feet from the exit. I stretched her out on the backseat, pushing her white dress down over gorgeous, buttery soft thighs.

My eyes traveled up her body on their own accord, pausing at her plump, parted-slightly, glossy lips. Desire crashed through me. There was nothing I wanted more than to cover her lips with mine. For just a moment, I forgot where I was, why I was here, and let my mind imagine all the things I would do to her body until a certain part of me hardened in my jeans. An erection as hard as titanium was as good as a wake-up call.

Swallowing hard and recognizing I had been sidetracked, I cursed, “Fuck.”

I jumped back as if burned, slamming the back door. Expecting someone to come crashing out of the bar’s exit at any moment, my feet double-timed it to the driver’s side of the car. The tires squealed in protest as they peeled away. It was almost too simple to kidnap her, too effortless to get lost in her. Too easy to forget why I was taking her. Yet, I knew I couldn’t keep her. Not for longer than a few months anyway.

I had to question whether those weeks in her company may be worth the trouble I was already going through to keep focus. The trouble she would cause me later on might just be a bit more than I could handle if I lost concentration during the commission of a crime. Malaysia was a lot more compelling and enticing than she had been fifteen years ago. God, she had ripened like a flower, doubly tempting than ever. I knew I wasn’t deserving of her, so walking away from her took little effort way back when. I could not say the same about the latter as of now. I couldn’t leave her behind this time around, and that disturbed me.

Traffic was light as I steered onto the main street. Slowing down, I drove at the speed limit toward the local airport two and a half miles away. The worst thing that could happen was getting stopped by the cops or caught up by Malaysia’s friends. I’d have enough problems with her waking within the next hour or two and preferred for us to be thirty thousand feet in the air when that happened. She would be frightened and angry but unable to flee or call for help amongst the skies.

Touching the phone symbol on the radio’s face, my cell phone’s contact list popped up. After tapping on Jason’s name, the car dialed out. A couple rings later, he picked up. “Boss, you making haste to get packed for your flight?”

“I have all the bags I’m taking with me, and I’m close by. Are the flyers onboard where they should be?” I checked my rearview mirror for police cruisers, regular pursuing vehicles, and Malaysia’s state of being. She was still out like a light. A bronze angel in a pose with an arm thrown above her head facing the seat.

“They’re boxed and ready to go.” Jason’s comment snapped my eyes forward in time to execute a left turn toward my destination. The city fell away. Impenetrable night took over at the edge of the county limits. If anyone turned with me, there was going to be a problem… for them. “You just need to get here so we can get this new adventure under the way, boss.”

“I’m a quarter of a mile away,” I announced. “Are my people ready?”

“Always, boss.” Reinforcements were parked strategically along the short stretch I was on. Street soldiers were prepared to intercept anyone that dared an attempt to rescue Malaysia or try to carry out a hit on my life sanctioned by a rival cartel. No such thing could be allowed to happen.

By now, her people should be missing her and going out of their minds just as I wanted them to do. Someone that saw the kidnapping would feel pressure to squeal until relieving it was all they could think about. That could be anywhere from minutes ago until years from now. Because the cops like to question everyone in the area before mobilizing to search for missing victims, we would be airborne and over another state when their boots actually did hit the dirt running. A lot of good that would do them when we would be above their heads or in another country altogether.

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I’d have taken pride in my successes, but we weren’t home free with a third of a mile away to go to the plane’s hangar. Doubling my pace to almost a hundred miles an hour, I shot an order to Jason. “Close and open for me. I’m coming in hot.” Which meant block both lanes behind me as well as light up the hangar then stand clear.

He repeated the instruction. Twin sets of high beams alighted one by one along the road’s soft shoulders in my rear as I passed by. My headlights were the only thing breaking up the pitch black in front of me. As requested, the black SUV’s that had been using the dense shadows for cover on the side of the street began driving back the other way down both lanes. Pinpricks of illumination sparkled to life in the distance to my right. The shell of an oval-shaped structure and the silhouette of flat, cleared land that went on for miles around the building emerged as I got closer.

Reflective road studs twinkled brightly along a narrow path, pointing out the way to the hangar. I decreased speed just enough to swerve onto the lane between the road studs without throwing Malaysia to the floor. She was still tossed around a little on the seat, moaning softly. The small noise was like an explosion to my senses. Was there anything she did that didn’t draw me in like a moth to a flame? For my sake, I hoped there was. Being drawn to her wasn’t a good thing when the last person she’d want to see when she finally awakened was me.

I had been rejected by her once and didn’t enjoy it then though I respected it. Easily done when I knew I wouldn’t see her again. I most certainly wouldn’t enjoy it now. A gentleman would continue to honor her right to deny him further pursuit of her. I wasn’t gentle by a long shot. I was used to taking what I wanted from people. Although it wasn’t the people that I usually wanted. Malaysia was a whole other animal to contend with, though.

A long exhale discharged from me as I drove like a madman toward the opened bay of the hangar. “This is going to be a long few months.”

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☆ Malaysia ☆
From amateur fashion designer to protegé of a master.
From witness to a murder years ago to fulfilling my dreams in the same city.
From celebrating with my friends to being snatched from my world.
I had managed to escape one bad moment in my life only to be thrown in another by the same bad man who’d occupied a niche in my mind for far too long.
The second I thought my destiny had arrived, life came full circle.
I’ll be forced to deal with lingering emotions and questions.
Paradise will become hell.

☆ Shane☆
From soldier to Underworld Lord
From killer for country to defender to the death of my territory.
From American citizen to exile
The fall of my empire had one last loose end to tie up.
I didn’t expect to find the one woman who’d managed to touch my black heart so many years ago in the company of a man who betrayed me.
She’ll become the unwilling means I use to tie that loose end.
She will be taken.

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