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Hey, romance addicts. Let’s welcome author L.R. Starr to the Layla Writes Love blog. L. R. shares some interesting things about herself and novels. Thank you for joining us, L.R.

What is something unique and quirky about you?

I love the ocean and I will swim even when it’s freezing cold in the winter. After a few minutes, I acclimatize to it. I’m never far from the water.

I haven’t been swimming as much lately because I’ve been tucked away writing, but the water is one of my favorite places to be. I find it to be very soothing and calming for me.

In Australia, the water isn’t calm though, so you have to be able to jump under the waves otherwise the sea will toss you around and make you want to get out. I learned how to duck the waves and body surf (not very good at it) which is fun. Haven’t tried the surfboard thing yet. Don’t think I want to, I just enjoy being in the water and splashing around. Anywhere in nature really.

I like plants as well, and I’m working on building my little veggie garden. I haven’t killed anything yet!

I am a visual fantasy illustrator and I love drawing as much as I love writing. I like to draw quirky, whimsical characters with loads of color. 

Which of your novels can you imagine being made into a movie? 

I would say this Sara Clemens mystery series starting with Checkmate because it’s a cool detective series. A few of my readers have made mention that my books remind them of Nancy Drew, except mine isn’t PG. Lol!

I do like Veronica Mars, Castle, Rizzoli and Isles which is based on a crime book written by Tess Gerritsen; so it can work. My main character, Sara Clemens the private investigator, is serious-minded but comes across as a little green. She starts, straight-laced, but the badass is undercover. Robert Elliot, the suspect, brings this side out of her, the taboo, which I think would make for interesting viewing.

She has funny traits and a good relationship. Hawk—my rogue assassin—has the gift of prophetic sight through the energy of a Hawk, which I think is unique and cool.

The supermodel, Evana will surprise you. She’s a side character and graduates from being a drugged-up supermodel as the series moves forward.

Elliot is different than what you think as the main guy everyone is chasing. In each book, there is a bad villain too. I definitely think it could work as a movie series. 

Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? 

I prefer to write in silence. I can hear my imagination going to work. I see the characters in my mind. Then I go to work in bringing their conversations to life.

Sometimes, if I’m writing a fast-paced scene, I will put suspense music on to get into the vibe. It works well for me. If I’m writing a soppy scene, I will put soft piano music or something like that to envelop that feeling. I’ve tried having music on in the background with lyrics and the words from the song get confused in my head and I start writing them and mixing with my story. Doesn’t work! Either that or I stop writing and watch the screen. 

Thank you for sharing, L.R. Okay, romance addicts. Check out the information about L.R. Starr’s series!

Knight Time
A Sara Clemens Mystery Book 3
by L.R. Starr
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Mystery
We’re all out of chess moves. Only the raw truth remains for Robert and Sara.
Hidden enemies, mistruths, and the misfortune of tainted love are the main dish.
All the players are back on home turf in New York for the final curtain call.
The P.I. has to come to grips with which side of the board she lands on, as her and Robert’s fate comes to a head. The decision she makes could forever change her destiny.
The devilish billionaire is hell-bent on regaining his Manhattan throne, but a dark horse and his cavalry lie in wait. He’s the one Elliot doesn’t see coming, and it’s going to be a cold New York winter before he lets Elliot get away with murder.
Evana, his now estranged wife, has a whole set of problems all her own and is busy trying to stay alive.
The stage has been set, get ready for a wild, heart-pounding ride from Paris to Norway and back to New York again.
How will the chips fall? And who will they fall with? Hold on. We’re almost there.
A Sara Clemens Mystery Book 2
Portugal, a nice European getaway. Escapism from a torrid case and a chance for private investigator Sara Clemens to lick her wounds.
But it’s not over… because when she touches down on European soil, she steps right into the middle of the chessboard. Two men are chasing her, one of them is sexy and dangerous, vying for her heart. The other wants the thrill of taking her life with his bare hands.
Elliot is a skilled player who calls himself the King. He’s out to expand his empire, and it includes Ms. Clemens. On this rollercoaster ride, the lines of justice get blurry.
Pawn; the weakest piece in the game of chess, who will fold?
Get prepared for the stakes to be raised a little higher with international kingpins, a new setting, taboo encounters, heartache and secrets that need to be taken to the grave.
A Sara Clemens Mystery Book 1
A gruesome murder. Floating body parts found in the Hudson river all before breakfast on a Sunday morning. The Elliots got away with it again…
A rich family lineage ruling New York City that deemed themselves untouchable. The golden baton has been passed to the blue-eyed Robert Elliot. He’s the head of the empire now, and he’s been getting away with murder. Or so he thinks…
What he didn’t bank on is the dark horse, Sara Clemens. Clemens is a badass private investigator and she’s set to turn the tables on Elliot. Clemens has her own set of problems to deal with. Like the fact, she has to babysit a bratty supermodel and avoid becoming a pawn in Elliot’s game.
Will she let this dangerously electric attraction between her and Elliot cloud the case? Will she be able to solve the murder in time to avenge the death of her client’s son?
Get prepared for a game of cat and mouse, high wit, unlikely players, forbidden attraction, crazy model behavior, and international espionage.
What readers are saying…
I’ve read this book and it’s really good. It will leave you tearing your hair out at the end, begging for more!’
My what a cruel cliffhanger that was! At the start I didn’t expect to be attached to the characters. But now I can’t wait for more!!’
Buy the book now and find out for yourself!
**Only .99 cents Nov 14th – 21st!!**
A Hawk and Sara Clemens Mystery Novella
How does a P.I. and a rogue assassin named Hawk start working together?
Let’s just say… it involves things blowing up, an off-the-wall ex bomb specialist, and fifty five dead already.
The cause; a blonde beauty editor from Manhattan.
Can a green private investigator solve the case in time before the next bomb hits New York City?
It’s time to find out.
A suspenseful, short story of the beginnings of a beautiful friendship formed.
Two kick-ass characters from >> CheckMate Book 1 (A Sara Clemens Mystery)
**Get it FREE!!**
L.R. Starr is a lover of mysteries, witty dialogue, suspense, romance, and fantasy. If you like to travel through your books strap in for the ride she’ll take you across the country.
When she’s not I’m writing she’s usually exploring, and coming up with yet another devious plot or pursuing her other love which is painting and drawing. Enjoy the bedlam friends!
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