#LWLInterview – Megan J. Parker

Greetings, romance addicts. Today, author, Megan J. Parker will share a little about herself and the characters of her book, New Moon.

Welcome, Megan.

Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author?

I’ve always had a passion for storytelling, through writing fanfictions of my favorite characters from Japanese anime/comics to roleplaying with friends. With the help of my husband, Nathan Squiers, I was able to hone my writing and start to write and publish my own stories.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less!

“Vulgar in disguise.” 😊

Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?

Yes! The character, Raith, from New Moon was actually originally featured in my Scarlet Night trilogy and featured later in Nathan Squiers’ Crimson Shadow series as well. Through New Moon, you do learn some of the history behind what he and his friends went through during their adventures in that series, but through the loss of his wife, Raith is “introduced” in New Moon as a completely different character from what readers have seen of him in the past. 

Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why?

Like my husband, I also love to write listening to music without English lyrics. However, there are occasional scenes where I’ve found that symphonic metal bands—Kamelot, Nightwish, etc.—haven’t bothered my writing process and help me to deliver the emotions of a particular scene/character. In fact, the book, Moonlit Seduction, that I co-wrote with Nathan was mostly written while I was listening to Kamelot’s discography. Their songs from the album ‘Epica’ really helping to get the feeling I wanted in the paranormal historical romance. 

Thank you for sharing Megan!

All right, romance addicts, check out Megan’s book.

New Moon
by Megan J. Parker & Nathan Squiers
Genre: Paranormal Reverse Harem, Urban Fantasy
It’s hard to hide when the forbidden magic you wield is written on your skin…
Skin witch” Mikkie Locke has spent her life running; running from her past, running from hunters, and running from a destiny she doesn’t want. And when you’re a Taroe working in an “in plain sight” magic shop, that’s easier said than done. Every day she’s away from the protection of her tribe is a day she’s risking death. The enchanted tattoos that cover her body are a constant reminder of who and what she is are a beacon to her enemies that scream “KILL ME!” to those who hunt her and other nonhumans; other creatures of the mythos community.
And the danger has just become more severe.
A new group of anti-mythos hunters have come to town, and she knows that the time has come once again to run. But Mikkie is tired of running, and between her anger, her assets, and the small team of four strong, sexy men who have her back, she’s beginning to think she might have a chance.
But in an ever-changing world, this breed of hunter has decided to make changes of their own. The stage is set for a war, and there’s more on the line than their lives…
**Only .99 cents until Nov 3rd!**
Megan J. Parker lives in upstate New York and is normally found lounging in the writing office with her husband and fellow author, Nathan Squiers.
Since the debut of her first novel, Scarlet Night, Megan J. Parker has gained international recognition and has been a bestseller in paranormal romance and dark fantasy. Her first novel, Scarlet Night, also was a runner up for 2013’s Best New Series Award on the blog, Paranormal Craving. In 2016, she became a USA Today bestselling author and since then, has been on the list three times.
On her down time, she likes reading and designing new logos and videos. Her passion for telling stories is portrayed in all her work and when there’s a story to tell, you can be sure she’ll tell it to its full extent. She is finally fulfilling her dream of owning a design company along with her literary career at EmCat Designs.
Nathan Squiers, along with his loving wife & fellow author, Megan J. Parker, two incredibly demanding demons wearing cat-suits, and a pair of “fur baby” huskies, is a resident of Upstate New York. When he isn’t dividing his time between writing or “nerding out” over comics, anime, or movie marathons, he’s chasing dreams of amateur body building. If he can’t be found in a movie theater, comic shop, or gym, chances are “the itch” has driven him into the chair at a piercing/tattoo shop… or he’s been “kidnapped” by loving family or friends and forced to engage in an alien task called “fun.”

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