Picture Proud-Master’s Babies


Show us a photo (Or photos) you took that you're most proud of. Tell us about it (them).

Here it is, folks!

Me with my two youngest on the stage at graduation

It’s a little grainy, but I am very proud of this picture. A friend sent it to me

a couple of days after I walked in commencement for my master’s degree. there are so many things in this image that remind me of the long road it took to get my degree and the wonderful things I did to finish.

The black shoes I am wearing are a pair of worn out loafers I wore to tons of events and meetings as the founder and president of a student group. I met people who I helped forge ahead to achieve their academic goals and inspire me to do the same.

The woman behind me was the first reader for my thesis and academic advisor for my student group. We ended up forming a friendship that lasts to this day. I insisted that she be the one to don my medals.

More important than the medals and applause are my two little ones.

I called them my master’s babies because the one under my raised hand was just an infant when I was accepted into and started grad school. The tiny one on the other side was born a couple of years before I graduated. Being a nursing mom of two babies was hard, but I would not have it any other way. They are such treasures.

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