MFRWSteam – Muslims Do That?!

Book Blog Promos (2) Hey, ravished romance readers! Depicting Muslim couples navigating love and sensual scenes continue to be a key inspiration in my romance writing. While I do not write Muslim characters exclusively, I do want to convey some of the unique social factors driving romance and union in parts of American Muslim culture, keeping the bedroom door wide open for readers. Yeah, things can get pretty steamy in my books, no matter the portrayed backgrounds of the characters.  In my book, Open to Love, the main characters Hafsah and Faheem struggle to keep their hands off each other until marriage. Once they sign the wedding contract, all bets are off! DIY Guide Blog Banner (2)


The bathroom door opened just when Hafsah finished tucking in the last corner of the fitted sheet. “There are new pillows too.” Faheem strutted out in a towel, beads of water hanging from the ends of his hair and streaming between the curly hairs of his pecs.

He stopped in front of her. The fresh scent of his moist skin beckoned her to touch it, but he made the first move, cupping her chin and stroking her jaw with his fingertips. The soft-touch sent electric warmth through her. “I hope you understand why I wanted a new bed. I won’t tolerate the memory of another man lingering around me as I lay with my wife.”

She looked into his smoldering eyes and swallowed. “I get it.” She stepped closer and hooked the top of his towel with her forefinger. “Should I get rid of the towels too?” She looked down at the small bulge in the front of it. She tugged. A warm prickle sprung between her legs as the soft burgundy terry cloth loosened around his waist.

He clasped her hand and the towel. “No.” he brushed his lips against hers, nibbling her bottom lip. “I want to see you first.” He sat on the edge of the bed, leaning on his elbows. The towel fell open. One muscular thigh swayed back and forth. “Take all of that off. It’s for other people. Not me.”

She felt a tingle spray up her arms at his command. He was not playing. She trailed her gaze up his body, meeting his as she unpinned her hijab and let it fall around her feet. “You want to see all of me, Faheem?”

“You’re wasting time. I’ve waited long enough. Get those damn clothes off,” He cupped his stiff cock over the towel, “and get on this.”

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From award-winning, bestselling author Lyndell Williams, the story of Hafsah and Faheem, a Muslim couple struggling to keep their raging desire for each other from getting out of control. Hafsah grows closer to Faheem, falling hard for the sexy younger man. He is smooth and stokes feelings she meant to suppress. Faheem uses all his charms to make sure Hafsah becomes his, but flirting can be a dangerous thing when committing to no sex outside of marriage. The two play with some serious fire that might burn them both.

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