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Mis Quince Años (33)


Mad Dog: Falling For The Johnsons by [Seyna Rytes, FoolProof Editing]Mad Dog
By Seyna Rytes
$0.99, 62pp, Kindle
Available at Amazon


***Strong Language***

“Remember me? Mynna, the fun, lively baby sister? Yeah, that was ten years ago… These days, it’s more like: Mynna the hardened divorcee.
I dated the same guy throughout high-school, we got engaged at twenty and married a year later. It took us five years to reach a point of no return: irreconcilable differences, they call it. I say he was an immature prick!
Now, I’m busy dealing with an entirely different brand of prick. For the past four years, I’ve had a big ol’ crush on my jerk of a boss…”

“What the fuck am I doing, lusting after Mynna?! Thinking of her for unreasonable amounts of time, jacking off to the memory of her beautiful brown-sugar skin, full lips, perky tits and dick-hardening ass. Daydreaming of her gorgeous face when I’m not at work, counting the days and hours till I can see her again!
What business does my grown-ass, forty-five years old self, have to be obsessed with his thirty-something, MARRIED EMPLOYEE?! I’m going straight to hell for this shit.”

What could possibly go wrong, when a grumpy, ex-army boss falls for a sassy, foul-mouthed heroine?!
This is a full-length story, with no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA!!

Mis Quince Años (28)


My predatory instincts and years of pent-up desire kick in, and I raise, making the chair fall back with the force of my movement! Pulling Mynna flush against my body, my large palms circling her waist, my mouth falling on hers to devour.

We lick, suck, and bite at each other’s lips and tongue. Grope one another’s bodies, my hands roaming up and down incessantly. Cupping her breasts, squeezing her hips and ass… Hers are as hungry to feel my chest, scratch at my back, dig into my shoulders, run through my hair.

What is happening?! Where did this come from?!! I don’t have to wonder long. Mynna detaches her mouth from mine and exhales softly against my throat. In her heels, the top of her head reaches my chin. I can smell the delicate fragrance of her hair, feel her soft, luscious body molded to my hard muscles. My hands tighten around Mynna, out of fear of losing more than her mouth.

“We need to talk,” she finally exhales. Her forehead resting on my sternum.

I’m looking down, expectantly. Battling with myself to control my body’s reaction at our intimate embrace and fighting to not rush her. When she finally lifts her gaze to mine, Mynna’s eyes are lit with a soft, warm glow.

“I’m leaving,” she says.

“What?” Is all I can muster.

“Found a new job. Wanted to give you notice in person.”

Mis Quince Años (18)

Jimmy MAD DOG… 

“We need to fuck,” is Maddis’s opening!

My mouth instantly dries up.

“But, we also need to talk.”

I nod, completely entranced at the perspective of us ‘needing’ to fuck…

“I don’t know how I thought I had it in me, to sit alone with you through an entire meal, after this afternoon…” His eyes are scorching hot, adding a crimson blaze to my dress. Roaming over my body like it’s nobody’s business! And, at his mention of this afternoon, I cross my legs, remembering his hands, his words, our hot kisses, ragged breaths… how amazing he felt, how right we fitted.

“Dinner was your idea,” I finally manage to let out. “All I need is a few minutes.”

His deliciously sinful mouth stretches into a predatory grin, and he flicks his wrist to check his classic Patek watch.

“I want you in my bed in a half-hour.” He slightly swings his stool, capturing one of my knees between his, making my dress rise up by a few inches… and rests his palms on my barren bare thighs.

I’m effectively turned on, seduced, and shocked, but my big mouth naturally comes to the rescue, “What if I want you in my bed, Maddis?”

He shakes his head, seeming completely in control, “You’re wasting time, beautiful. You know I don’t give a fuck where we end up tonight. As long as it’s you and me, naked.”

I bite on my bottom lip, the tingles in my panties spreading all over my skin.


A wolfish smile is his only answer…

Mis Quince Años (3)

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