#bookteaser, #newrelease Two Truths and a Lie by Daryl Devore

Mis Quince Años (29)


Two Truths and a Lie by [Daryl Devore]Two Truths and a Lie
By Daryl Devore
$8.00, 195pp, print
$5.00, 195pp, Kindle
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Available at Amazon


The legend of Robin Hood and Maid Marian with a twenty-first-century twist. If you love hot, billionaire romances, then this is a must-read.

From the author of the Two Hearts One Love Trilogy, multi-published, hot romance author Daryl Devoré’s latest book revolves around deceit, betrayal, passion and the theft of a multi-million-dollar, rare, red diamond.

Mis Quince Años (8)



I slipped my hand around and cupped his balls. He closed his eyes and shuddered. I slid a finger back and forth. He groaned.

He dropped his mouth to my breast. His tongue flicked at my nipple. I lifted my back, pressing my nipple higher. As his tongue teased my left breast, his right hand played with my nipple. I didn’t know which pleasurable sensation to focus on. He dragged his fingertips down my breasts, then along my belly to my pelvis. He trickled his fingers through my bush. I squirmed my hips against the bed.

A deep purr of contentment emanated from my throat as Mark used his left thumb and forefinger to rub and circle my nub while his right hand teased the opening to my pussy.

“You are so hot. Let’s see if I can make you even hotter.” He lowered his face between my open legs. I hissed as he licked his tongue up between the folds. Slipping a lip between his teeth, he grazed his teeth across it. I gripped the sheet. Each touch was exquisite. It heightened the awareness of every nerve in my body.

“Let’s play a little alphabet game I know.” He caressed the inside of my thigh while he spoke.



“I bet I can get all the way to Z before you come again.”

I tilted up my head and looked at him. “You’re kidding?”

“Nope. Trust me.” He stretched his arm up and fondled my breast, stroking my clit with his tongue. “What letter was that?”

Questions? “Uh… A.”

“And that one?”


Six letters later, I was panting. A dribble of sweat ran down my cheek. I pulled my knees up and dropped them open. “J. K. L! I love this. Oh God! More.”

Mis Quince Años (28)

He lifted his face and planted a small kiss on my bush. “I really need to come up with a motion that indicates a space between the letters. How about this?” He waggled the tip of his tongue back and forth across my throbbing nub.


“Oh, so I should go back and start over.” He swiped his tongue in an A shape.

Start over? Oh fuck. “A. B.”

At H, I bucked my hips. “Don’t stop. Please. Don’t.”

Several alphabet strokes later, Mark paused. “Hmm, what comes after L?”

“M! Dammit. M. As in Mark Matthew Marian.” The words exploded from my lips.

My body burned. I stood on the edge of a precipice and needed the slightest of nudges to blissfully sail over it. One more touch. I waited.

Mark knelt and met my gaze. I wanted to tell him to touch me, but my words were cut off by my rapid pants.

“Come here.”


“Fast or you will lose that heat and I’ll have to start all over again.” He grinned and lay down with his feet pressing up against the headboard. He placed his hand on my back and tugged me next to him. “This works best if we’re super close.” He tapped my right thigh. “Leg up and over.”

As I did, he positioned himself and slid deep inside.

A moan burst from my lips. The delight of the movement was more than I could focus on.

“Use your feet against the headboard. Relax or tense whatever works best. I’ll start slow. Let me know when you’re close.”

“Dammit. I’ve been close for the last twenty minutes.”

He waggled his eyebrows. “Well, let’s see what I can do about that.”

Mis Quince Años (32)

Placing his hands on my cheeks, he pulled my face to his and deeply kissed me. His first thrust shot fireworks through my body. His speed increased. The stimulation went into overdrive. My clit rubbed against him as his cock stroked my g-spot.

I pulled back from the kiss, inhaled, tightened my pelvic muscles, and let the orgasm thunder through. As the pulses faded, I felt myself slip into darkness.

With a sharp inhale, I popped my eyes open. Grinning, Mark was next to me, on his side, resting on his elbow. “Welcome back.” He kissed the tip of my nose. “You know.” He kissed my right nipple. “You didn’t make it to the end of the alphabet.”

About Daryl Devore

Two writers in one. Daryl Devore writes hot romances with sexy heroes and strong heroines and sweet romances with little to no heat. She has several published books available on Amazon in ebook or print book and available at other book retailers via Books2Read.

Daryl (@daryldevore) lives in an old farmhouse in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and 2 cats. Daryl loves to take long walks on her quiet country road or snowshoe across the back acres, and in the summer, kayak along the St. Lawrence River. She has touched a moon rock, a mammoth, and a meteorite. She’s been deep in the ocean in a submarine, flown high over Niagara Falls in a helicopter, and used the ladies’ room in a royal palace. Life’s an adventure and Daryl’s having fun living it.

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