#NewRealease -Quarantine 2020 By Brenda Stokes Lee

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Quarantine 2020 (Karma Chronicles Book 1) by [Brenda Stokes Lee]New Release
By Brendan Stokes Lee
$1.99, pp 75, Kindle

FREE on Nook

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As nervous as a virgin, holding a tape measure, at a penis measuring contest, NHL Superstar, Karma Manhattan stared blankly out into space. At his doctor’s office, getting screened for the coronavirus, and COVID- 19, he questions, how he got in such a precarious predicament.

Naturally, Karma knew the answer. The self-professed playboy entertained the urges of his little head, and ignored the sound advice of his big head. Stuck in quarantine, alone, Karma finds himself in need of some female companionship. With few options, he seduces Crystal, the fast food delivery girl. Now, realizing it was a bonehead decision, pun intended, he’s forced to face the consequences of his actions, as he waits for his coronavirus tests results.

In, Quarantine 2020, the handsome, charming athlete tells all. He spares no details in this funny, sexy account that chronicles the unconventional way he was exposed to the coronavirus. Sit down with him as he recants how Rona aka the coronavirus kicked in the front door of his happy life, threatening to destroy everything.

Download, Quarantine 2020, to see how this sexy rom-com turns out.

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