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Readers have been asking for it, and here it is. I am thrilled to have signed with the phenomenal indie press After Hours Publications for my soon-to-be-released AMBW Muslim romance novella. Open to Love story of Hafsah and Faheem, a Muslim couple struggling to keep their raging desire for each other from getting out of control.

Open to Love is a showcase of the diversity of love that highlights a lot about the ways American Muslims navigate things like love, courtship, sexual encounters and polygamy, lending to enrich the diversity of the romance genre.
This is a taste of love you don’t want to miss! – After Hours Publications

Check out the book page.



Yes! The cover is everything!

Although I don’t write Muslim-centered romance exclusively, highlighting the social and cultural nuance in the ways some American Muslims navigate love, sex and relationships is a primary inspiration for my authorship. The romance genre offers me opportunities to create characters that reflect some realities of loving in the Deen (Muslim faith). It is not always pretty, but the steam is guaranteed.


In Open to Love, Hafsah grows closer to Faheem, falling hard for the sexy younger man. He is smooth and stokes feelings she meant to suppress.

Faheem uses all his charms to make sure Hafsah becomes his, but flirting can be a dangerous thing when committing to no sex outside of marriage. The two play with some serious fire that might burn them both.

Be on the lookout for Open to Love on my Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

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