#WIPWednesday -Queen of The Castle

Like a lot of authors, I have files full of book ideas and multiple works in progress. I just released book two in the Brothers in Law series, Sweet Love, Bitter Fruit, and I am preparing the first book in an AMBW Muslim romance novella series, Open to Love.

The first book in the series, Open to Love, is snuggling with editors. I am currently working on book two, a steamy romance with main characters Hafsah and Aqil. Each has reasons to be wary about entering into a relationship, but it gets harder to resist the desire firing up between them.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from my #WIP Queen of The Castle.

queen of the castle

“Thanks for doing this, man.”

Aqil fastened his seat belt and yawned, taking in the mixture of car freshener and baby ointment. “No problem. Sounds like she doesn’t want us to come.”

“Oh,” Faheem chuckled, “she doesn’t, but she has no choice. Hafsah is determined. She worries because Tarika lives alone. They’re real tight, so that means I have to worry about her too. I don’t mind, though. Tarika is good people.”

“Is she now?” Aqil squinted at Faheem. “Are you trying to use this little medical crisis to promote her as wife material? I told you, man—”

“Nah, man. It’s not like that.” Faheem glanced in his direction. “Do you think I’d be running around in the middle of the night for some random Muslimah, even if Hafsah told me to do it? Tarika is my sis. Well, she’s the closest to one I’ve ever had.” Her name lit up on Faheem’s phone. He hit the red button below it. “Brothers been trying to use me to get to her since I married Hafsah, but I push those losers to the side. I want her safe and happy.”

“And you think she can find it with me?”

“I think that your nose is wide open. I see the way you look at her. You want to deny how you feel, that’s your business, but we both know that’s not gonna last.”
Aqil stared at the streetlight beams passing over the truck’s shiny, black hood. Faheem was right. Even now, Tarika was the only thing on his mind. Could he start a new life with her? “She doesn’t seem interested.”

Faheem laughed, shaking his head as he turned a corner. “You’re not getting it. Tarika doesn’t do interested. She shut down her radar on brothers years ago.” He smirked. “It’s up to you to turn it back on and make her pay attention.”

Mis Quince Años (13)

Mis Quince Años (15)



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