Short Stories: An Author’s Staple


Since short stories continue to be essential to my authorship, I’ve decided to post a Facebook Live interview I did a while back with Muslim urban fiction, author Umm Juwayriyah about the importance of short stories in authorship.

Often overlooked in favor of novel writing, short stories allow authors to share stories that can’t necessarily be told in a novel.

Short stories are a great way for authors to introduce reading to their writing as well as keep them interested in reading their works.

A few the things Umm Juwayriyah and I discuss is the rich tradition of short story writing in African American literature; the significance of anthologies; blogging short stories, and storytelling social media platforms like Wattpad.

Featured In

It was fantastic talking with and learning from this experienced author. Since the recording of this interview, I’ve had numerous short stories published in the Shades of AMBWShades of BWWM, and Shades of AMBW Winter collections by Love Journey books.


I’ve learned the importance of crafting short stories in honing my writing as well as maintaining connections with readers.

Some of my short stories have a plot that feeds into or includes characters from current and future romance series.

1-Reluctant Alpha, The - Lyndell Williams1-My Heart tranquility_LightThe story “My Heart’s Tranquility” in Shades of BWWM introduces readers to Adam Kane, one of the brothers of the Brothers in Law series. Another brother, Brandon Hulse, makes an appearance in the story “And Baby Makes Four” in the Shades of AMBW Winter collection.

Blake in “The Reluctant Alpha” [Shades of BWWM] is an alpha of one of the packs in the upcoming wolf shifter series Noble Birth.

Also like to treat Layla Writes Love subscribers to free and original stories like the well-received Muslim romance Something Special, and I am co-editing an anthology that includes short stories from Muslim writers.

Short stories continue to be an important part of my authorship, and I look forward to crafting more for readers.

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