LWL Interview: King Ellie Brings Readers on Dark Romance Mind Trips

Mis Quince Años (12)All right. Straight away, I have to let readers know that King Ellie is an author that knows how to apply some heat to a plot in a way that makes one cringe and tingle with excitement at the same time.

King Ellie discovered her love for dark romance through reading. As she read more, she found that it was the genre for her and decided to own it. I mean, all of it. She did not come to play.

When writing antiheroes and characters typically classified as villains, she tries to show how hurt, heartbroken males can love hard.  The author explains:

The heroines get a chance to be loved deeply and only by the antiheroes. Love isn’t always just black and white… it’s a spectrum of color. 

Mis Quince Años (3)

King Ellie is one of a few authors who served as my introduction into dark romance. Much more than the bodice rippers of old romance times, her work encourages readers to consider how the unsettling mixture of sensuality, kink and depravity simultaneously disturb and titillate our senses.

She is not afraid of bringing readers into some shadowy corners and enjoys a growing base of fans who love her for it. Do you, King Ellie. Do you!

Her latest book, Death & Fire—book one in her The Evolved Series—is a paranormal exploration into love darkened and twisted by abandonment and hate.

Check out the blurb:

What’s love without tragedy?

Xánur Helson, has many titles; son of death, vampire king, captain of the sentinels. None of those were important as a mate. Something he cherished until one day, his mate left him without so much as a goodbye. His heart is twisted. His love is now hate. His words are bitter, hateful because she left, but now she’s back. What will he do with all his rage?

Lucinda Howell was an orphaned supe. She did her best to grow up and take part in the Sentinel program. What she didn’t expect was the fall in love with the captain and find her mate. He quickly became her everything; her love, home and family. What could have been stronger than that love shared that caused her to walk away from his arms? It doesn’t matter now. Lucinda has returned broken and empty to come face to face with the festering hatred she created in the heart of the Son of Death.

Will Xáne clear up the fog of hatred and take a good look at what Cin has become?

King Ellie shared some of her method and motivations for writing with Layla Writes Love.

Where does writing fit in your life? Are you a writer first?
I am a writer first. With writing, it is who I am. I can’t seem to express myself in any other way but with writing. I love it so much that is a part of me.

What are some common things that get in the way of your writing, and how do you prevent it?
Writer’s block, different story plots and my love for watching TV—haha. Well, I try to limit my tv time so that whatever I am watching does not bleed out unto my work. A

I listen to my characters because some speak louder than the others and they are the stories that come out first.

As for writer’s block, I try to listen to music or the playlists that I made for certain stories.

What are some ways you promote your books and yourself as an author?
by interacting on Facebook, doing FB takeovers, etc.

Do any of your plots reflect your real life?
No, they don’t.

How are paranormal romances different from other romances?

With paranormal romances, I feel like there are no limits and you aren’t boxed in. You can stretch it as far as you want because it doesn’t reflect on real life.

What are some things to consider when merging romantic and paranormal elements?
Some things to consider is that make sure your two characters express their love even through their actions. Just because you have a vampire or a wolf, it doesn’t mean they cannot recognize their feelings or certain emotions that have to do with their counterparts.

How do you determine which characters have what powers?
I really don’t. I just go with the flow. Sometimes in the middle of writing, I’ll find myself giving a certain character a power I didn’t even want them to have but I stick with it.

What is your favorite type of character to write?
The antihero with the broken heart because they always fall the hardest.

What are some things you do to get those writing juices flowing?
I listen to music and I make sure I am away from my bed.

Finish this sentence:

If I couldn’t write anymore, I’d…become a mediator.

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