Food and Romance – Bean Pies for the Heart



Share a recipe for a food that comes from one of your books.

Yay! Food is so a part of my romances. I like to use some of what characters eat as symbolism.

For example, in My Way to You, I have Regina either making or eating eggs to represent the fragile but nourishing nature of the developing relationship between her and Simon. They are so good for each other, but things constantly threaten their ability to be together.

But, I’m not sharing an egg recipe. I’m picking something that Regina’s brother Marcus and his wife Toni eat.

Marcus Kent loves him some Toni. He calls her sweetness, and she is the main person to bring him to equilibrium. Basically, she got him on lock, and he goes out of his way to make her happy.

In one scene of My Way to You, Marcus treks from Harlem to the famous Abu’s Homestyle Bakery in Brooklyn. Abu’s is a historical landmark for New Yorkers, especially African American Muslims like me. They have some serious oven action going on, and whenever I get a chance to travel the 2 hours, I stock up, because the cakes and pies are everything.

Toni has a similar liking for the bakery, so Marcus picks up a box of assorted pies for her.

Check out the excerpt.

From the Chapter “Simon Confronts Marcus”
Marcus swelled his chest and sauntered to his beautiful wife lounging on the sofa. “Here you go, sweetness.” Toni’s smile made the trek to Brooklyn well worth it.
She took the box and marveled at the assortment of small pies. “You went all the way to Abu’s Bakery for me?” She yanked at her husband’s tie. He bent to receive a loving kiss. “Thanks, Marc. You spoil me.”
Marcus settled next to his wife and gathered her small frame in his arms. “That’s my job. I know the past few weeks have been especially hard.”
“Tell me about it,” Toni mumbled with a mouth full of sweet potato pie. She set the box on the wood coffee table and proceeded to the kitchen. “We need milk.”
Marcus removed his tie and sank further into the sofa. “Any word from Gina?”
Toni walked towards him with a carton of milk in one hand and two glasses in the other. “Yes, she’s safe and sound.” They both furrowed their eyebrows at the knocking on the front door.
Marcus peered at his watch. “Who the hell can that be?” Because their schedules became erratic at times, he’d established a strict policy against uninvited guests. Everyone knew not to just pop by the Kent’s or there would be consequences. Of course, Regina ignored that rule, but she was long gone.
Toni stood on her toes at the peephole. “Simon?”
Marcus shot off the couch and was at Toni’s side in seconds. “What’s he doing here?”
“I’m not sure.” Toni held Marcus’s chin and glared. “But you be nice. Remember, your sister loves him, and so do you. It’s about time the two of you make up anyway.”

Be on the lookout for Marcus and Toni’s story, Sweet Love-Bitter Fruit (Brothers in Law Book 2)!

Now back to the pies.

Mis Quince Años

Abu’s has a variety of pies, but they are most famous for their bean pies. Interestingly, the bean pie is a cultural creation of African American Muslims during the Black Muslim Movement. It’s a traditional dessert that has grown in popularity.

There is no exact recipe for bean pies, and many people don’t widely share theirs.

Imam Qadriyyah S. Mabel-Doroth shared her recipe on

Recipe No Fail Bean Pie

There is also a recipe in the back of the book Bashirah and the Amazing Bean Pie.

It’s a great children’s book that tells the story of Bashirah, a young African Muslim girl excited to help make bean pies for the holidays.


Invite Your Children To Enjoy The Rich And Beautiful Culture Of African American Muslims. Bashirah And The Amazing Bean Pie Shares A Fantastic Story Of A Multi-Generational African American Muslim Family. A Ramadan and Eid Story A Heart Warming Tale Filled With Faith, Food And Family. Join Bashirah As She Celebrates The Eid Holiday! Celebrating Diversity.

Enjoy making and eating bean pies!


giphy8 giphy1

Mis Quince Años (2)

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