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Share your writing goals for 2019.

Mis Quince Años

I’ve been asking writers and authors to share their 2019 writing goals all last week.

I reached out to romance authors and ask them to tell readers some of their goals for this year, and I did the same for Muslim authors on the NbA Muslims blog on Patheos.

1 Buy-1-Get-1-Scoop-FMy-writing-goals-for-the-new-year_-In-2017-I-participated-in-NANOWRIMO.-I-wrote-over-30K-words-in-30-days.-In-the-book-I-talk-about-the-year-of-my-life-after-my-fathe.jpg

It was great reading what authors and writers had planned as well as including some of my goals. I also took a moment to take part in an Instagram author’s challenge post.


I’ve been busy planning and goal making. So, I’m going to use this Open Book Blog Hop post to round up all of the goals I made and maybe add a couple of more.  Here we go!

2019 goals

-Develop a stronger novel-writing routine that allows me to get all of these great characters out of my head and to readers.

-Release 2-3 Brothers in Law romance series books.

-Write that Muslim vampire romance. That’s right—MuslimVampireRomance.


I wanna make it a thing.  Just trust me.

-Organize writing demands (novels, short stories, blogs, articles, etc.) so I can contribute quality content to each.

-Not lose focus when someone doesn’t get my work. No writer is everyone’s cup of tea.

-Continue to use my writing to highlight the brilliance that writers across cultural backgrounds are producing.

-Honor my body, mind, and soul by balancing writing and downtime. I want to make sure I get from in front of the screen and live life.

Let’s do this!

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Mis Quince Años 

Mis Quince Años (2)

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    1. I have to complete a couple of other projects first, but I’m hoping to draft a novella soon. I already outlined the plot structure.


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