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What are some of your favorite lines from your books?

I love reading authors’ favorite lines from their books. Many authors take a lot of time and energy to draft particularly poignant prose (that alliteration is not an example), to grab readers’ attention and offer some inspiration, humor, humanity—a bunch of stuff.

I’m a little daunted to find some of my favorite lines from my book—singular…as in only one written so far—because I’ve spent so much time with my words. It’s difficult to step back and look at something I took so long to make cohesive and fluid as layers of individual components.

I just recently provided my favorite sentences for another blog post, and I don’t think I did so good…well. I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity to have another try.

I’m bending the rules a little and including sentences from some of my published short stories. Hey, they’re in books too!

Featured Image -- 1092My Way to You (Brothers in Law, Book One)

The world makes sure that people with darker skin do not have an easy time of it. 

She was all he wanted, and his mind buzzed with ways to tell her how much he loved her for the rest of their lives.

Everyone and their mother thinks they can have an opinion on whether or not an interracial couple should be together.


Brothers in Law

Brothers in Law - Lyndell Williams

We were in the right, and when has that ever helped anyone?

Adam was not one to let a good brawl go to waste, especially one where he got to pummel a bunch of bigots.






40876848Shades of BWWM

I bailed on you when you needed me the most. A grand gesture isn’t going to erase all of that. – Second Chance

It’s the heart, isn’t it? Does it always have to be the heart? – The Reluctant Alpha

Public displays of affection were not something a “good Muslim” did, but it couldn’t be helped. She was too alluring. – My Heart’s Tranquility


Shades of AMBW Winter

And Baby Makes Four_CoverDo you really think a pregnant belly will stop a man? – And Baby Makes Four








I’m adding an excerpt from my upcoming book Sweet Love, Bitter Fruit – book two in the Brothers in Law series:

Harlem lawyer Marcus Kent fights for justice while preserving a stable, passionate marriage with wife, Toni. Smart and confident, he has it all together—that is until his world turns upside down.



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