Damsels and Beetles – When Fear Trumps Fierceness

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I know many people see me as the stereotypical strong Black woman who ain’t scared of nothing, but I have my fears, and this week’s Open Book question come me feeling all kinds of creepy. Like really? We had to go there?

This fear of mine causes me to experience a heap of ridicule from my husband and sons. They laugh their butts off while I’m yelling for them to come and rescue me from this abysmal pest.

It happens at least once a summer. I’m chillin’ in my bed; it’s usually dark with maybe the tv or computer running—or both #multitasker. Then a clickclickclick begins to permeate the room. My heart rate ratches up; riveted to my spot, I usually peer at the ceiling, searching for the horrible intruder filling me with dread.

I rarely see it and end up bolting out of bed in search for a man or boy braver than me to foil the dreaded Junebug that made it into my inner sanctum.

Yes, yes, yes! I said Junebug! I hate those things!


I become a big ole gender stereotype and call for Papa Bear or one of our sons.  I will run behind even my 14-year-old, ignoring the smug look on his pubescent face as he finds the harmless beetle, scoops it up and carries it outside.

I usually think of a chore he needs to do as payback for his cockiness. That’ll learn him. Oh, back to the beetle.

One may understand being afraid of a bigger bug like a huge rhinoceros beetle or something, but Junebugs are relatively tiny.  So, why the fear?

They’ve terrified me since I was a child. I think it’s the clicking. It’s creepy! It sends a prickle down my spine faster than any horror movie. Freddy Krueger’s scraping claws, vocal clicks from Predator—none of them compare to that Junebug sound.

I’ve even slept in other rooms instead of trying to deal with that clicking. Have I tried killing one myself? Umm, no. Where have you been this whole post?

I’m not a beetle fan anyway. Well, ladybugs, but who doesn’t love those?


In moderation, of course.

My misfortune is that Junebugs are prevalent where I live. They’re everywhere all summer long. They aren’t as scary outside but if one does venture into of my house, Imma lose it.

I’ve stood up to bigots, racists and Islamophobes, but put me in a room alone with a Junebug, and I can’t muster a brave face.






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      1. And I love them both- dragonflies and butterflies. In fact, I think dragonflies are my spirit animal.


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