BOOK REVIEW The Minotaur’s Kiss – Some Nice Bull

51lxocmppjlReview by Lyndell Williams
By Erin St. Charles
$3.99, pp 287, Kindle

A lot of people have had that one night stand that won’t go away. Who? Me? Man, this juice is good.


BTW, ***SPOILERS ALERT***  Now, Let’s do this.  Feeling a little down, Diana Miller decides to have some fun with a hot guy she met at a party. Not bothered by the fact that he’s obviously a shifter, she invites him back to her place for a private party.

After all of the sexual frolicking, she unceremoniously bounces her bed buddy out of her house.  All set, Diana goes to work, ready to focus on her career.

Well, guess who she runs smack into at the office?


Yup. Mr. Hot In The Sheets aka Ulysses “Mac” Bodie is sitting in her boss’ office, and mack is something he has in spades.  Poor Diana, her down is far from low, and she can’t shake the sexy Minotaur.

Mac is tickled pink to have a chance to be near the elusive Diana. He spends plenty of time throughout The Minotaur’s Kiss trying to keep her safe and get her naked again.

giphy9Diana doesn’t make it easy though. She isn’t feeling the strings that Mac throws her way, so she dodges them and demands they stay professional. Yeah, right. Mac ain’t even trying to hear that noise.

He’s confident that he will get her back into bed and a little work done too. After all, there is that pesky thing called a job. Oh, right,  and a missing somebody or other. Yeah, they gotta rescue her too—but really, Mac wants Diana.

With a backdrop of politics, mystery and family drama, St Charles weaves an absorbing tale that keeps both protagonists busy, but it doesn’t overshadow the very palatable passion between the two. The Gods reproduction premise is somewhat interesting, but I remained riveted to the charming and loveable Mac, cheering him on as he tore at Diana’s tough exterior to reach that gooey girlie inside.

St. Charles showed she can build some compelling, likable characters. Secondary character Bubba was as engaging as Mac, and I will be looking for him in future books in the author’s Gods and Concubines series. I am such a sucker for a wolf shifter.

Speaking of shifters, I enjoyed the racial social commentary in The Minotaur’s Kiss. Shifters have it hard, and many keep their statuses close to the vest–including Mac. Being a Minotaur shifter isn’t easy, and St. Charles lays out a life full of discrimination and identity crises to which many who face real racism can relate. Mac struggles with who he is and how the world sees him, which drives a wedge between the couple, testing their feelings for each other.  It would’ve been nice if the author explored this a little deeper, but that’s really just my personal preference.

St. Charles’ pacing is pretty steady. There are a couple of instances of information that doesn’t really drive the plot, but they don’t bring the story to a halt, and she made it easy to get back to the business of Diana and Mac.

The love scenes are very steamy and nicely constructed. The author includes erotic content with style and sophistication, which is not an easy thing to do. I give it 3 out of 5 steamy lips.

3 steamy lips

The Minotaur’s Kiss is a fast-paced romance with fun characters and an intriguing couple you want so badly to jump back into each other’s arms.  Have fun with Mac and Diana.

Now…about Bubba.

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