Black Cloth Quads – Hijab Basics

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Here we are at another #OpenBlogHop. Let’s do this!

Covering is an active act of worship for many Muslim women, and something I’ve observed for decades. Khimars (what I tend to call it as an AA Muslim)/hijabs are in an integral part of my faith, identity and wardrobe.

23905206_10155624503098787_3890007133059219536_nI have piles of khimars all over my house. Folded stacks sit in storage in the corner of my bedroom. Some hang from hooks on my closet, and with three daughters, they’re draped on the back of chairs and across sofas. They vary in style but two constants remained a part of my covering—my khimars are either square or rectangular and black is in abundance.

I have khimars in a variety of colors and patterns, but it’s the black ones that get the most comparative use. Like a basic black dress, top or shoes, black khimars serve as my wardrobe staple at times when I want to:

  • make sure I am matching;
  • head (pun intended) out of the house with simplicity and speed, or
  • I want to scare a new neighbor giving me side-eye…

I’m sorta kidding about that last one.


Thanks, Ash. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah.

Basically, I need my black khimars to make it through the day-to-day life of being a kick-ass, unapologetically-Black Muslim woman raising a family, raging against systemic oppression and writing some fabulous characters that make my readers happy!

Plus, I look good in black. It compliments my skin, eyes and brow, so why would I avoid it because some people like to stereotype the Muslim woman in black? That’s their hang up, so I am just going to do me.

Black khimars are my mainstay, and in my closet and on my head are where they will stay.






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