BOOK REVIEW- Black Kyoto Love

51b5tuegxwlReview by Lyndell Williams
By Love Journey
$0.99, pp 64, Kindle

You swore to uphold the law, but he’s so fine and smooth, and you’re a sucker for those tats. What’s a cop to do when she gets the feels for a Yakuza bad boy? Black Kyoto Love by Love Journey is an intense romance involving police officer Eryka Miyamoto and Azukai family member Kentaro Yamazaki. Both throw caution to the wind to satisfy their unbridled passions for each other, but who out of the pair has the most to lose?

Love Journey takes readers to the beautiful Japanese city of Kyoto, where Eryka leads a double life and continually compromises her convictions as a member of law enforcement to help keep Kentaro, a man with whom she is having a torrid affair, safe.

Eryka gives Kentaro intelligence while he gives her…well…other stuff. The information sharing may be one way, but the steamy desire is not.

Kentaro is immediately attracted to Eryka and spends a lot of time and energy making sure she’s in his arms whispering secrets and stoking his—ahem—male ego. Let’s just say, their clandestine meetings don’t leave him unaffected. He increasingly develops feelings for his little snitch.

As the passionate pair sneak around, the Kyoto police and Azukai close in on them. Readers will eagerly flip through the book to find out what each does to the naughty duo.  I know my Kindle was sparking, and my coffee cup was empty before I knew it!

Black Kyoto is a suspenseful romance that really should be a novel. I only got to enjoy the surface of the complex characters Love Journey created. I wanted to meet Eryka’s parents. At least one conversation between Eryka and her father could’ve reinforced the conflict raging through her.

I also wanted to learn more about Eryka and Kentaro’s bosses—head detective Yoka and Azukai leader, Roshiro. It would’ve been great if she delved a little deeper into these intriguing characters.

The opening love scene was glorious! I mean, you gotta respect the way Love Journey builds a man and makes him adept at making his love interest’s and reader’s insides quiver.



←just like that!

I really wanted more sensual scenes, which I know is hard to do in a short story without venturing into porn lit world.

The heat was a little on the cool side, but what Love Journey did give us does sizzle. When these two get their hands on each other, sparks fly.

I give the book 3/5 steamy  lips


Black Kyoto is an exciting, quick read with suspense and sensuality.

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