Beginning My Author’s Journey


I’m so excited to have completed my first manuscript! *cue the trumpet!→*


It took a lot of work and dedication, but my interracial romance My Way to You. Is in the capable hands of my fantastic content editor.

I have my copy ready to polish what many of my beta readers considered a great story about Simon Young, an Asian American lawyer who falls hard and fast for his best friend’s little sister, African American social justice blogger Regina Kent.  The two vacillate between passion and peril as they try to keep big brother-Marcus and the world from tearing them apart.

In addition to an author’s page, I will be sharing my journey on vlogs-which is what I like to do. Below is my first. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and click the bell, to get notifications when I upload a new video.

I’m so excited! More trumpet!


Nice! Onto the video

First Video

I wanted to reach out to everyone because I decided to start an author’s blog.

It was something I was wary about doing because I do so much writing. I’m a college professor. I manage an online platform, and I write for different online news media. So I have a lot of writing in addition to writing books.

I got some great advice from authors, though, and that is that my readers deserve an author’s blog from me. They deserve a place where they can go, and they can keep up-to-date with the things that I’m doing. I get to share my stories with them- short stories with them, and any other kind of things that I want.

Also, they can keep up-to-date with my books- especially my new one that’s coming out, my interracial romance, My Way to You, which has gotten some really great beta feedback.

I’m really excited about it. It’s been quite a journey getting it ready, and, a lot of people want to know the progress. So, that will be a place where I get to do all of that.

So, it’s in the works, be on the lookout for it because it’ll have a lot of great content in it, and you get to know me as an author, and my journey as an author- which I really want to share with all my readers-okay?

So, as soon as it’s ready, I’ll let you guys in on it.

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